Plastering Supplies UK

At Gypsumtools, not only do we have one of the largest ranges of plastering tools, supplies and equipment on the web today, we can also deliver our plastering supplies UK wide. It’s because of our 50 years experience in the plastering industry, that we know the last thing you want is to be in the middle of a job and then have to interrupt it, because you’re short of a piece of equipment, your supplies have run out or something has broken. Our range of UK plastering supplies is really...

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Taping Tool repair service

Putting up drywall can be a long and laborious task, so chances are you’ll want to make sure it’s finished off to a good standard. There’s nothing worse than getting out your taping tool only to find it needs repairing, or having it break on the job; the last thing you want is your workday...

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Buy Drywall Corner Tools Online

In this article we explain why Gypsumtools is THE place to go for Drywall Corner Tools UK. Read on for more information or browse the site to see all of the Drywall Corner Tools for sale. When you’re putting up a drywall, you’ll doubtless want to ensure the finish is as smooth and flawless as...

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What Tools needed to plaster a wall?

If you've got a plastering job on and are unsure where to start, one of the many questions you maybe asking yourself is ‘what tools are needed to plaster a wall’? It's always good to start with the right equipment, that way, once you've started the job, there's no need to down tools and pause wh...

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What Materials are needed for plastering?

At Gypsumtools we not only provide equipment and supplies for professional plasterers, but we’re also the first port of call for any DIY enthusiasts out there. If you’ve got a plastering job on the cards and are new to the game, you may be wondering what Materials are needed for plastering? Y...

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Drywall taping tool set

Drywall Taping Tools For Sale

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional plasterer, if you’ve just put up a drywall, it can be a pretty laborious task, so, you’ll want to make sure the job is finished well. This means you’ll want the right drywall taping tools for sealing those joints and filling any nail holes th...

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Buy Drylining Plastering Tools Online

Whether you're a professional plasterer or a DIY enthusiast with a plastering job that needs doing, chances are at some point, you'll be looking to buy drylining plastering tools online. As you will doubtless be aware, dry lining is a popular method in the plastering industry, where you cover a b...

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woman thinking of buying plastering tools online

Where Can I buy Plastering Tools Online?

You may have asked yourself: “Where can I buy plastering tools online,” and been sat there wondering where to start.   Whether you’re a professional plasterer or a DIY enthusiast, if you’ve found your way to our Gypsumtools website, you’ve come to the right place, as we have one...

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Nela Plastering Tools & Equipment Leicester

If you’re looking for some top of the range NELA plastering tools, Leicester based Gypsumtools has a fantastic selection.   The NELA brand, which was only launched in the UK in April 2014, features a range of high quality plasterer’s trowels that are manufactured in Germany to the highes...

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Plastering Tools & Supplies Leicester

So, you’ve got a plastering job on site or at home and are looking to get cracking as soon as possible with the equipment you need. Gypsumtools can help - we are the leading plastering tools and supplies specialist in Leicester. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking for a reliable lo...

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