Bounce Back’s Trainees Get Hands On With Gypsumtools

In recent months Gypsumtools teamed up with Bounce Back, a charity and social enterprise which focuses on training and employing ex-offenders in the construction industry. Gypsumtools sought an opportunity to aid the charity knowing that their most popular course is Drylining, as a result Gypsumtools provided a full Level 5 Automatic Taping Kit to the social enterprise.

Bounce Back’s main training hub is located within HMP Brixtonwhere there are a total of three state of the art training Centres including, painting and decorating, scaffolding and Drylining. There is also another Bounce Back Drylining training centre in HMP Wandsworth. Bounce Back firmly believe that everyone should be given a second chance, and by providing individuals with the opportunity to obtain knowledge, experience and a qualification whilst in custody, they will further their chances of employment on release and decrease the opportunity of reoffending.


Gypsumtools firmly stands by Bounce Backs approach and ethos, by providing the training programme with a full Level 5 Kit it will enable trainees to gain additional experience as they are provided with the opportunity to learn dry lining via traditional methods but are then given the opportunity to learn what is becoming the more popular way to install drywall, automatic taping.

‘Bounce Back gives individuals the opportunity to gain a qualification but, they were missing the tools to further enhance the course and their practical experience. By using Level 5 tools it will help the prisoners to be more employable as gain experience in both methods of Dry Lining, allowing the training programme to be responsive to the industry’. Explained Nick Ralphs the Managing Director of Gypsumtools.



The Drylining course is 8-10 weeks and will allow the trainee to gain a full Level 2 Diploma in Dry Lining, and have become the most popular course within HMP Brixton. Gypsumtools recently visited the Prison to see the tools in action.

‘Every trainee seems to have the same view of the fact that by using Level 5 tools, productivity increases and they are easy to use once you get the hang of it. Added Ralphs.

Being the number 1 distributor of Level 5 Tools in the UK, Gypsumtools knows the rapid industry increase of using Automatic Taping Tools of large commercial sites, along with housing sites. Knowing that by providing these tools will indefinite increase the number of people placed in employment upon release is the one of the main reasons that Gypsumtools decided to make this partnership.

‘This is by far the best course out of the ones available, it requires more skill and that’s why I enjoy it more. Having these tools as well makes it even more enjoyable, we’re learning something new and we know its required for when we get out.’ Explained oneof the trainees on the Drylining course.

Bounce Back have also partnered with some of the biggest construction contractors in the UK allowing the charity to go beyond the prison walls. This allows Bounce Back to provide aftercare support upon release, the individual becomes fully qualified and is awarded a CSCS Card allowing them to work on a construction site. A dedicated member of the Bounce back’s team works with the individual to get on site as soon as possible. As a result of their work, Bounce Back has a re-offending rate of only 12% against a government average of 60% which is a great achievement. A total of 85 people has been awarded a CSCS card and over 480 have gained a qualification this year.

‘With Bounce Back’s aftercare upon release to help people re-engage with the community, we hope together we will help to place ex-offenders into employment with the added experience the tools provide thus, lessen the chances of reoffending.’ Finalised Ralphs.

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