Why a Drywall Sander Can Save you Time and Money

Drywall sander

Drywall sander

Traditionally, drywall sanding was a laborious and lengthy task, not to mention being a drain on your resources because of the time needed to clear up the mess afterwards. Thankfully, times have moved on and more and more plastering professionals are discovering why a drywall sander can save you time and money.

Here, we’re talking less than half the effort needed for traditional sanding methods as it can be guided easily over a wall or ceiling. With a long extension, using a drywall sander also means less stretching to get to those hard to reach areas and no need to wobble about on stilts or ladders either.

The dust free sanding systems in drywall sanders include a vacuum hose to suck away the mess and harmful debris as you work, creating a cleaner, safer and more breathable working environment, with not as much clearing up to do afterwards.

The sander will also give you a better chance to prepare wall and ceiling seams, allowing you a high quality finish in those traditionally awkward places, again with less effort involved. They are pretty lightweight and ergonomically designed too to ensure less muscle fatigue and stress when working high up.

Drywall sanders can come with varying sizes of disc to cover a variety of different areas, as well as variable speed settings and extensions. The ease of use and added maneuverability will also save masses of time, especially on larger sanding projects. So, if you’re wondering why a drywall sander can save you time and money, there are some great reasons right here.

We stock drywall sanders

Taking a trip to a plastering and drylining superstore specialist and investing in a good drywall sander is always a good move, especially if you’ve got a project on and are looking to save time and money, but still want to achieve excellent results.

And, whether you’re a professional dryliner or doing a spot of DIY, we’ve got a few in stock that you can choose from.

Check out this complete dust free sanding system from Full Circle for example, which offers 98% dust free operation. Or there’s the lightweight and easy to use electronically controlled Flex Giraffe and Mirka Miro 955 wall and ceiling sanders to discover too.

Order yours online or in store today

When you take a look online or browse through our stock, you’ll see why Gypsumtools is the best drylining superstore in the Midlands.

We differ from all the normal DIY shops, because we are specialist in the field of plastering and drylining, while offering many years of experience in the industry and a huge range for professional tradesmen to choose from. Order your drywall sanders online or in store today.

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Hand tools

Hand tools

Wouldn’t it be great if everything you needed was available in one place exactly when you wanted it? Well, if you’re a professional plasterer or keen DIYer in need of anything to do with the plastering industry then you’ve come to the right place.

Our specialist expertise and vast range of stock makes Gypsumtools THE East Midlands Plastering Superstore! We’ve also got one of the largest ranges of drylining products available on the web today.

When you take a look online or come to our Leicester based trade counter you will find an absolutely huge range of brands, some of the very best prices around and a team with many years of experience in the plastering industry, all ready and waiting to help and assist where they can.

It’s because we have over 50 years of experience in the plastering industry, that we can truly call ourselves specialists when it comes to plastering and drylining and it’s that, combined with our massive range of stock, which sets us apart from all the rest.

Trade Counter for Plasterers and Dry Liners

Our central location in Leicester also means that we’re quick and easy to get to, wherever in the country you are. We are near to the major motorways and all of the other counties of the Midlands, such as Nottingham and Derby, so, if you fancy coming to say hello and taking a look at the stock before you buy, then getting to us is a piece of cake.

Our trade counter for plasterers and dry liners is manned by a friendly crew, all of whom have a great love and in-depth knowledge of plastering. We also offer a huge range of stock for professional tradesmen, whether it’s new tools, equipment, or the latest plastering accessories that you need.

So, when you are on the lookout for a plastering or dry lining specialist in the East Midlands, all you need to do is set your sat nav for LE2 and point your car in our direction.

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If you like the thought of seeing for yourself and taking a browse through our plastering equipment before you buy, then drop by our Leicester trade counter, where we would be happy to show you some of the variety of products that we have in stock for your needs.

Or order online!

Or, if you like the convenience of being able to take a look through our products online and have them delivered direct to your door in no time at all, then we can help with that too.

Gypsumtools official distributor of Full Circle

Full Circle Products

Full Circle Products

There are some good reasons why anyone looking for the best range of plastering products should come to us. It’s because we take pride in offering our customers the highest quality, biggest choice and best value for money.

We search the world over to be able to offer plasterers the tools that are best for the job, from the most well respected brands. And it’s because of this that we are over the moon to say that Gypsumtools had been made the official distributor of the fantastic Full Circle brand!

Proud to be official chosen distributor

After a long selection process, the US based company chose us to be the one and only UK distributor of its high quality sanding products.

As a major factor of their strict criteria, they were looking for an organisation which would carry on the excellent Full Circle reputation for quality and service. And several UK plastering product retailers were considered before the final decision was made that Gypsumtools would be the best for the job.

The Full Circle products are designed by sanding professionals to offer cost effective equipment which produces good results, fast. As such, it is a company which is proud to boast that it has revolutionised the way plastering professionals work.

Order your Full Circle tools online today

Products available from us online include the power pad which works with both the Porter Cable 7800 and Flex power sanders and the flex edge rubber pressure pad which comes with added core pressure to eliminate bumps and prevent binding and stuttering, which, in turn, will ensure a better finish.

There’s also the revolutionary Radius 360 sanding tool which comes with an interchangeable centre hub. The unique side to side, up and down and circular mobility as well as its round shape, makes movement flawless, with no flipping, skipping or scratching to make the job harder. Its oval adaptor also makes it easy to change from pole sanding to hand sanding and the Radius 360 is claimed to work three times faster than a standard sand pole with even better results.

Any questions just ask

If you would like to find out more about the range of Full Circle products that we have in stock, get in touch with us today for more information. In fact, if you have any questions about any of our products, just shout – we are always pleased to help.