The benefits of leather trowel protector

There’s something really satisfying in looking at a newly plastered wall, when it’s got a lovely even, smooth finish, is all ready to be decorated and you know you’ve done a good job.


Smooth plaster


After all the hard work it’s great as a plasterer to see it was worth it through the impressive finished results that you can get. And one way to ensure that your tools give you every chance of getting those kind of Level 5 results is by taking good care of them. This is where you’ll find the benefits of a leather trowel protector make a lot of sense if you’re thinking of giving added protection to our tools.

5 reasons you should own one!

Protect your expensive tools – We all know the importance of keeping your tools clean and taking good care of them to ensure they don’t need replacing too often. The Trowel Wallet is an extremely handy way of doing it.

Keep those trowel edges sharp  because any plasterer will know the importance of keeping the edges of your trowel as sharp as possible to avoid any imperfections damaging the plaster.

Enable you to get the job done well – the sharper the edges of your trowel and the better the condition it’s kept in, the more chance you’ll have of getting a good end result with your work.

Less replacement and repair  because unless you like wasting money, it makes sense to give your trowel every chance of being useful for as long as it can be.

Looks professional – The beautiful wallets not only look professional but they show that you care about your kit, giving the impression you care about the work you do too.


Trowel Protection Wallet


Quality product, handmade with care

What we really love about these Trowel Wallets is the high quality of them that makes them not only incredibly useful, but they look very nice too. They are made of beautiful suede leather and come in a variety of sizes to comfortably fit around your trowel, while the smooth and luxurious nature of the material makes it easy to take out your trowel, use it and then put it away once you’re done.

Order yours directly online!

If you think that your trowel would benefit from a bit of added protection against wear and tear, take a look at the Trowel Wallet on our website and order yours directly online. Anything that will save you money has to be a good thing, so that’s why the biggest benefit to using the Trowel Wallet has to be the fact that it will protect your trowel for longer.

To find out more about any of our products, or for help and advice, get in touch with us today either through phone, email or why not call in in person to our Leicester based trade counter.

Gypsumtools Official Distributor of Trowel Wallet 

Trowel Protection WalletAnyone who works in the plastering industry will be aware of the importance of taking good care of your tools which, like anything, can become less effective over time especially if they’re not looked after properly. This can often apply to a plasterer’s trowel – arguably the most vital piece of kit, but also the one most likely to get worn out the quickest.

It can be a costly business repairing or replacing your tools too often, so a good way to ensure this shouldn’t be the case is by keeping them safe from the elements and one way to do it is by using a trowel wallet.

We are pleased to announce that Gypsumtools has been named as the official distributor of Trowel Wallet, an ingenious creation which aims to keep your plastering trowel edges like new for longer, meaning less expense for you in buying replacements too soon.

Exciting new partnership with Irish company

This exciting new partnership with the Irish company which makes the Trowel Wallet is great news for us at Gypsumtools, as not only are we able to say that we stock one of the largest ranges of plastering tools and equipment available online, but we can also provide our customers with excellent ways to look after them too.

The leather trowel wallets are made of suede leather and come in a series of sizes to fit a range of trowels. The smooth leather finish offers the user easy access to their trowel and it also makes it simple to put away once it’s done with. They’re pretty good quality too and are hand crafted and hand finished to add an extra touch of luxury.

Contact us today about reselling Trowel Wallet

We’re very happy to announce this deal with the makers of Trowel Wallet and are delighted to have been chosen by them to be the official distributor in the UK. If you would like to find out more about stocking this product, you can contact us today about reselling Trowel Wallet and we’d be happy to help make this possible.

Order yours directly online

If it’s you who is looking to get the longest life out of your plastering tools and you want to buy one for yourself, you can order yours directly online and while you’re there, take a browse through the rest of our handy plastering equipment.

And for any further information on any of the products we have available, get in touch with one of our friendly and professional team members today. You might also find our blog on The Definitive Plastering Equipment List helpful. 

What is Speedskim?

At Gypsumtools we’re always on the look out for the latest plastering products to hit the market that will make the job that little bit easier for professional plasterers and DIY fans alike.  The sort of tools and equipment that really save you time and effort when you’re working and ones that won’t cost the earth either.

One of our latest finds is an innovative new system called Speedskim which has been designed to speed up the plastering process, help achieve a flatter surface and improve the overall results in the end. It’s a device which enables the plasterer to flatten and rule off with ease and can be used on all sorts of materials, including skim coat, one coat, backing and spray plaster, tape jointing and drywall compounds, as well as lime renders, sand and cement.

So what is Speedskim? Well, it’s pretty unassuming, but it gets some great results. Simply put it’s a flexible plastering rule which has been developed to increase output and improve the quality of finish.  It does this through the unique PVC blade which prevents moisture coming to the surface thereby accelerating the overall plastering process, and meaning you can get through the final stages with the steel trowel even quicker.




The benefits of using Speedskim

Not only will it help you get the job done in less time and achieve a flatter finish, but the benefits of using Speedskim also include its lightweight, ergonomic design which makes it more comfortable to use, even over extended periods of time.

Its flexibility sets it apart from other Featheredges and Darbys and allows for greater confidence, meaning that the plasterer can complete larger hits, distributing plaster over a wider area with a flatter and faster finish.

Specially formed ribs on the PVC blade also hold on to any excess plaster and the genius component design gives increased blade stability in a wide variety of temperatures and conditions. If it’s a ceiling that you’re plastering, then this is made much easier by the pole attachment that comes with it.

Speedskim Plastering Rule

Order your Speedskim Plastering Rule Online

It’s always great to hear of new innovations in the plastering equipment industry, which help minimise the physical strain of plastering and enable perfection in your finish. This is one example of a new tool that has well and truly brought plastering into the 21st century and we think it’s definitely worth a go.

The Speedskims that we have in stock come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for use on walls, ceilings and floors, although the button release robust end caps also provide an interchangeable blade feature, which brings an element of versatility to each one.

Take a look through our extensive range of equipment and order your Speedskim plastering rule online. Or, to find out more information about any of our plastering products and get some help and advice, get in touch with one of our team members today. You can drop us a line via email or telephone or call into our Midlands based trade counter, conveniently placed in the heart of the country and easy to get to wherever you are.

The definitive plastering equipment list

plastering equipment list

If you’re just starting out in plastering, whether it’s at the beginning of your career or you’re planning some DIY, you might be wondering what bits of kit you’ll need to get going with.

It can be quite easy to get confused by what you do and don’t need, because there are so many tools out there to choose from, so, to start with, it’s a good idea to begin with the basics and build your kit up as you go.

To help you out a little, we have put together the definitive plastering equipment list which should give you some idea of the things you’ll need before you start.

Plastering trowel – The major piece of kit for applying your plaster, they are more useful if they have been worn in first before you begin. A brand that’s praised a lot in the plastering industry is Marshalltown, because of the long lasting endurance of the trowels, which come with a high grade hardened and tempered stainless steel blade.

Plastering trowel

Bucket trowel – a wide-bladed stainless steel tool which can be used for scooping compound from a bucket, causing minimum wear and tear.

Corner trowels – useful for plastering flawless corners, the handle is in the middle of the 90 degree angle of the blade to allow you to apply plaster to both sides of the corner. Useful for smoothing corners once plastered (The above in red isn’t correct)

Gauging trowel – a round-nosed trowel used for mixing plaster and applying small amounts in confined areas.

Plastering float – a lightweight version of the trowel which is used to ensure surfaces are flat and create a marvellous finish at the end.

Hawk – the hand held flat surface which holds your plaster as you scoop it onto the trowel. Many of the good ones come with a soft grip handle to protect from callouses. Ensure that the scored blade is made from a strong and durable material such as aluminium or magnesium.

Buckets – for mixing your plaster or to hold clean water to dip your paintbrush in or clean your trowel.

Bucket trowel

Paintbrush – for flicking clean water at any walls that have become too dry.

Snips – for cutting pieces of metal. Used for cutting beading.

Stanley Knife – to cut your plasterboard.

Scratching tool/ scarifier – for scratching the first coat of plaster to ensure optimum adhesion of the second coat.

Corner trowel image

Pad Saw – for cutting holes in your plasterboard.

Spirit Level – to check that the finished surface is level.

Hammer –for when you’re prepping the wall before applying the plaster, this should help you remove any lumps.

Feather Edge – for levelling and ruling off any plaster.

Dust Sheets – to protect any floors and furniture from plaster spills.

Don’t be confused by all the different pieces of kit you need if you’re getting into plastering for the first time. If you have a plastering equipment question contact us, because, with over 50 years industry experience, we are proud to say we know our stuff. Give us a call today and a member of our team will be happy and willing to talk it through with you.