Gypsumtools announce new staff member!

Hand tools

Hand tools

As we expand our customer reach and our range of stock grows ever bigger, it means the extra 272need to add to our excellent team here at Gypsumtools.

One of our biggest priorities is to bring our loyal customers exactly what they are looking for when it comes to plastering and drylining tools and equipment and this isn’t only done through sourcing the best pieces of kit.

We need to ensure that we are giving our customers the levels of service that goes with the high quality stock. And, while we are proud of the many years of expertise that our friendly and professional team here has, when your customer base is growing as rapidly as ours is and business is booming, it’s important that we have the staff to cover the busy workload that comes with it.

This is why we are delighted to announce our latest staff member Jade Gibson, who will begin her role as Customer Services Assistant in the next few weeks.

Jade’s primary roles

Jade will be the point of contact for all of our Leicester trade counter customers, as well as dealing with much of the marketing side of the business, which will include managing our social media presence and dealing with any advertising.

She will also handle all telesales and oversee the administrative work involved in the smooth running of our trade counter.

Make sure you say hello in the shop!

We are sure that our customers will be pleased to see Jade’s happy, smiling face, the next time they drop by our trade counter when they need any plastering tools or equipment.

So, if you’re in the area, make sure you say hello in the shop and welcome her to the world of plastering whenever you’re nearby!

Remember you can order online too!

If you happen to be a bit further afield and can’t make it to our Midlands trade counter here in Leicester, also remember that you can order online too.

If you take a browse through our website, you’ll find a whole range of plastering and drylining products guaranteed to suit your every need.

When you order before 4pm you can qualify for delivery the next working day and you can also receive free delivery on orders over £89. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Gypsumtools Now Stocking Blackrock Products

Blackbrook at Gypsumtools

Blackbrook at Gypsumtools

When you’re doing a professional plastering job or a spot of DIY, it always pays to ensure your equipment is safe and that the clothes you’re wearing will help you stay free from harm.

Accidents in the workplace or home environment can happen quite often if the right safety measures aren’t in place and this is where Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be vital.

At Gypsumtools, as well as offering our customers the best and most cost effective plastering tools and equipment there is from around the world, we also like to know that it will help to keep them safe too.

This is why we are pleased to announce that Gypsumtools is now stocking Blackrock products which include clothing, footwear and PPE that will help the wearer to be protected while looking good at the same time.

We are an official Blackrock stockist

It’s important to us as a company with over 50 years in the plastering industry and a reputation to be proud of, that we continue to be able to offer the whole package when it comes to everything that a professional plasterer could need to get the job done.

From plastering tools and equipment to drylining consumables we are the fastest growing online warehouse for the plastering industry. And now that we are an official Blackrock stockist, it means we are even more able to offer the most comprehensive range of stock around.

What do Blackrock do?

PPE is equipment that will protect the user against health or safety risks and includes items such as safety helmets, gloves, eye protection, high-visibility clothing, safety footwear and safety harnesses.

The Blackrock range began in the 1920s as a company based in Manchester which sold brushes and brooms. By the 1940s it had grown to include decorating equipment and industrial clothing, while the 1980s saw the addition of high-vis clothing and painters’ workwear.

Post millennium ranges of clothing and safety footwear were then introduced under the Blackrock name which is now famous for its high quality clothing, tradesman workwear and PPE which fully meets the required international safety standards.

The Blackrock range of PPE will protect virtually every part of the body from the head, eyes, ears and respiratory tract to gloves and hand protection, kneepads and personal protection. Its range also includes accessories such as belts, holdalls, socks and thermal accessories.

Now, anyone looking for practicality, durability and safety in their workwear can turn to Blackrock in the knowledge that the company’s high standards of quality will mean they can get on with the job in hand with the peace of mind of knowing that they’ll be protected while they do.

Order your quality Blackrock products online

If you would like to find out more about the Blackrock range or to get your order in, you can order your quality Blackrock products online with Gypsumtools today, or get in touch with us with any questions as we’re always pleased to help and assist.

The history of taping tools

The history of taping tools

It’s easy to see why so many Taping & Jointing professionals and DIY enthusiasts are fans of the automatic taping tool.

The history of taping tools has seen some excellent developments, with tools being constantly created and improved – so much so that the job can now be done quicker, more flawlessly and with much more impressive results for those wanting the work done.

When you use automatic taping tools, as opposed to hand tools, your finishing will benefit from the greater speed, quality and finish, which makes automatic taping tools incredibly popular within the Taping & Jointing Industry.

A brief history

The first drywall taping tools came to life in 1939, in Georgia, USA, when painting and plastering brothers Robert and Stan Ames were trying out new ways to finish drywall.

Their first invention was the Corner Shoe which applied joint compound to the seams using simply air pressure and a long hose. The Ames brothers later went on to bring out an early version of the Bazooka in 1945, which, weighing more than 100lbs, was a lot heavier going than the lightweight taping tools that are around today.

As the world moved away from wartime, the first drywall boxes and nail spotters were created in 1951 and in 1954 the automatic taper was invented by Robert Ames.

The brothers then went on to sell their company in 1962 to Illinois based Bliss and Laughlin Industries for a whopping $5.2 million dollars and it was renamed Axia Incorporated in 1982.

In the early 1960s, many of the patents that were filed by the Ames brothers were starting to expire and other plastering tool manufacturers were beginning to be able to create versions of their own, which meant that some big competition was able to enter the marketplace.

As a result, not only was the job made easier for drywallers, but there was much greater choice and more pressure on the tool makers to continue to improve and develop things by creating something that was more and more effective each time.

The benefits of taping tools

As time progresses, Dryliners and DIY enthusiasts have seen some leaps forward in the kind of equipment they can use to get the job done consistently better. And there are many reasons why people would prefer to use an automatic taping tool, in no small part down to the more flawless finish that they can achieve. Here are a few more:

  • Just the right amount of compound used, less wastage – and as a result, no sanding it all off at the end because you’ve used too much.
  • Safer – Because the tools can reach up high into the hard to reach places which reduces the need for ladders and stilts that can lead to accidents.
  • Get the job done quicker – not only do you get to apply the compound and tape to a joint at the same time, you can finish both sides of a corner, meaning no more waiting around during drying times.
  • Money saved – taking into consideration the initial cost of an automatic taping tool, this is soon outweighed by the better results achieved and time saved.

Order your taping tools from Gypsumtools today

To find out more about our extensive range of automatic taping tools, you can get in touch with us today with your questions, or take a look at our easy to use website.

Find out how you can make huge savings on our taping tools with our Taping Tool Kit Builder, featuring DeWalt and Level 5 taping tools.