DeWalt Tools

Why Are DeWalt Tools So Good?

At Gypsum Tools, we pride ourselves on offering quality products from trusted suppliers and tool manufacturers with a strong reputation and reliability. One of those is DeWalt; a well-known firm that began back in 1960 under the leadership of Raymond E DeWalt, inventor of the very first radial arm saw. With a vision to be recognised as one of the best in the industry, DeWalt worked tirelessly on product development and business expansion - and it paid off. In the 1990s, DeWalt brought thei...

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Plasterer adding second coat

The Evolution Of The Wall

A wall is an everyday thing that we don’t normally think twice about when we see it, whether it’s an interior or exterior wall in a shopping centre or in a prestigious gallery. But just imagine how varied and versatile its uses have been over the (literally!) thousands of years it’s been used ...

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Full Circle Air Radius 360 Dust-free Sanding System

The Ultimate Sanding Guide For Beginners

Let’s make it easy for you to start sanding if you’ve never really learned how. To start with, choose the right sandpaper - coarse or fine. Coarse has larger aluminium oxide particles, which means you’ll be sanding faster and with more aggression. When you’re ready for the finishing touch...

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Ox Tools

Strong As An Ox – Tools That You Can Depend On

What’s the point of a tool unless it can stand up to some serious hard work? That’s one of the beliefs we hold here at Gypsumtools, which is why we recommend OX tools - a range praised in construction circles for their strength, durability and price point. Not only that, they offer outstandin...

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Drywall Taping

Why Is Plastering Tape So Important?

There’s one thing you should never forget that when you’re plastering a wall - and that’s preparation. Preparation is everything. A flawed surface underneath your handiwork is going to be much harder for you to cover. Get it right, or you won’t be able to guarantee to get that smooth prof...

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taping tools

Automated Tools Are Now Must-Haves – Here’s Why!

Did you know, the very first drywalling taping tools came onto the market back in the 1930s? That’s nearly 90 years ago. But the truth is, even in 2019, many contractors are still working as if they’re back in that era. and it’s understandable. Is It Time To Upgrade? If you normally d...

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LEVEL5 Tools

Level 5 – Affordable Drywall Tools That Work!

Here’s some great news for drywallers everywhere, and it’s called Level 5. If you’re looking for quality at competitive prices when you’re stocking up on drywall tools, you’ll definitely want to consider Level 5 products. Who Are Level 5? Level 5 began trading (under a different name...

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Dry Lining Or Wet Plaster

Dry Lining Vs Wet Plaster – Which Is Best?

When it comes to getting that professional finish on your interior walls, it’s essential to go for the materials that give you the appearance and functionality you need, at the right price. You’re basically faced with the choice between wet plaster and dry lining. Of course the decision will ...

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What Plastering Tools Does An Apprentice Need?

So you’re about to embark on the road to becoming a fully trained professional plasterer? That’s great news - but what exactly do you need to get started? Understanding what tools an apprentice plasterer needs can be challenging, especially if you’re completely new to the industry and start...

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Armorgard OxBox

Secure Your Plastering & Drylining Tools With Armorgard

After a long day on site, it’s time to down tools and head home for a well-deserved break before starting up again the next day. The plastering or drylining tools you’ve worked hard and paid for need to be stored safely overnight under lock and key until the next morning, so it’s important ...

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Using a drywall flat box

Drywall Flat Boxes – Should You Be Using One?

If you’re about to start putting up some drywall or thinking about becoming a drywalling professional, getting the right kit for the task in hand can be challenging - especially if you’ve little-to-no experience in the field already. That said, you’ll be pleased to hear there is a range of ...

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4T Jointing Compound – Versatile, Durable & High Quality

As one of the leading jointing compound products available on the market right now, 4T has been designed specifically for the drywall professional. If you’re looking for a compound that can make your job easier, this is the one for you. 4T has such a multitude of uses that it can save you both ...

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