how to use joint compound

How to Use Joint Compound

Joint Compound (AKA mud or drywall taping mud) is a tool that every dryliner should be able to use. In this article we explain exactly what jointing compound is and how to use it like a pro! What is a Jointing Compound & What is Jointing Compound Used For? Put simply, Jointing Compound is a white powder material, mixed with water, that is used for skim coating walls and ceilings. It’s also often used as an alternative to traditional plastering to finish joints, corner beads, trims and...

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metal stud crimper

How to Install Gypwall Partition & Crimping vs Screwing

In this article we explain how to easily do metal stud framing and create wall partitions as well as discussing the benefits between using screws vs. metal stud crimpers. How to install Gypwall partition Gypframe studs are designed to interlock with each other so they can be extended. You shou...

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Mixing Plaster

If you’re wondering how to mix plaster by hand, how to mix plaster for wall repair or how to make plaster for walls, then you’ve come to the right place! With the correct information and technique, mixing plaster can be simple but mixing it to the correct consistency is hugely important for gett...

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The Best Drywall Knife for Cutting Drywall

When it comes to cutting drywall, there are a number of different knives you can use to get the job done each with their own pros and cons. In this article we take a look at each of those options and determine how best to efficiently and quickly cut drywall. There are other tools that you can use...

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Gypsumtools & FATE Partnership

  We are happy to announce our partnership with the Finishing and Associated Trades Equity, powered by social media FATE realised an opportunity to help the people of the construction industry. Director Graham Helm, further aiding the subcontractor within the Drylining and Plastering ind...

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The Ultimate Drylining Guide

Dry lining is a great way to give a smooth finish to surfaces enabling you to decorate them right away. However, there's a bunch of skills you need to learn, tricks & tips to master and tools to consider before approaching your first project. That's why we here at Gypsumtools have created ...

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Bounce Back’s Trainees Get Hands On With Gypsumtools

In recent months Gypsumtools teamed up with Bounce Back, a charity and social enterprise which focuses on training and employing ex-offenders in the construction industry. Gypsumtools sought an opportunity to aid the charity knowing that their most popular course is Drylining, as a result Gypsumtool...

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Level 5 Extended Warranty copy

Industry Leading 7-Year Warranty

Last year the American based Taping Tools Company Level 5 Tools, embarked on a project of New Product Development to achieve better performance, innovation and higher quality amongst all of their product offering. Since the new tools have been released, Level 5 and their stockist have received endle...

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Gypsumtools are pleased to announce the introduction of IRWIN TOOLS to our product range, we recently attended The Toolbank Tradeshow in Chateau Impney, Droitwich in March. This is where our we spoke to IRWIN TOOLS about their product range and how they could benefit Gypsumtools. We decided t...

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New Revolutionary Hook On Beads

Our latest product to hit our warehouse shelves are these amazing ‘Hook On Corner Beads’, which is quite self-explanatory. The Hook On Beads, quite simple hook on the plasterboard/drywall by placing it into position and applying a slight amount of pressure, the bead will then be secured in place...

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Switching To Automatic Drylining Tools

Many people take pride in their profession and when it comes to drywall finishing, this is no exception. It takes a tremendous amount of skill and knowledge of the craft to perfect the application method and become great at the job, which is why the Drylining Professionals are in such high de...

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Free Up Time & Save Money With Automatic Tools

Free Up Time & Save Money With Automatic Tools 

It has to be said we’ve heard plenty of arguments for and against the use of automatic tools when finishing drywall. While many traditional drywall experts value the tremendous skill involved in working by hand and the great results that it can achieve, others rave about the fantastic ben...

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