Plasterboard Joint Tape

The Different Types Of Plasterboard Joint Tape

Getting the right materials for any job is vital. Fortunately these days it’s not hard to find just the right quality product, designed specifically for the task in hand. That's why plasterboard joint tape comes in two types, so when you’re planning the finishing materials for your next job you can make sure it fits the purpose. How do you know which kind of joint tape to pick? No problem. Here’s all the information you need on plasterboard joint tape. Basically, for plasterboard joi...

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Using a drywall flat box

Drywall Flat Boxes – Should You Be Using One?

If you’re about to start putting up some drywall or thinking about becoming a drywalling professional, getting the right kit for the task in hand can be challenging - especially if you’ve little-to-no experience in the field already. That said, you’ll be pleased to hear there is a range of ...

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4T Jointing Compound – Versatile, Durable & High Quality

As one of the leading jointing compound products available on the market right now, 4T has been designed specifically for the drywall professional. If you’re looking for a compound that can make your job easier, this is the one for you. 4T has such a multitude of uses that it can save you both ...

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stud drill 2

Flex Power Tools – ‘The Original’

When it comes to the plastering and drylining industry, Flex have been at the forefront of the market with their range of drills, mixers and vacuums for decades. With their commitment to developing quality tools and providing great customer service, Flex Power Tools are one of the biggest brands ...

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expert plastering

Plastering Trowels – Plastic Or Metal?

Over the last few years, there’s been a stark increase in the use of plastic trowels within the UK plastering industry. Not only that, there is now a clear division between tradesmen as to which is the better tool for the job - plastic or metal. With such a huge range of choice now available...

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What Plastering Tools Does An Apprentice Need?

So you’re about to embark on the road to becoming a fully trained professional plasterer? That’s great news - but what exactly do you need to get started? Understanding what tools an apprentice plasterer needs can be challenging, especially if you’re completely new to the industry and start...

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Plaster Wall Repair

How To Repair A Damaged Plaster Wall

Keeping your home looking great can be a constant challenge as you fight against cracks and holes appearing all over the place. Repairing damaged plaster can often be high on your list, but thankfully it’s a task that can be completed successfully by a skilled DIYer. As homes age, it’s only n...

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Plastering Health & Safety Tips

Plastering & Drylining Health & Safety Tips For Work On-Site

When it comes to staying safe on the job, health and safety is not something you should ignore in any profession. Although it can sometimes seem time-consuming and even frustrating, the whole idea of this practice is to keep you and those working around you safe. If you’re not convinced of its ...

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Armorgard OxBox

Secure Your Plastering & Drylining Tools With Armorgard

After a long day on site, it’s time to down tools and head home for a well-deserved break before starting up again the next day. The plastering or drylining tools you’ve worked hard and paid for need to be stored safely overnight under lock and key until the next morning, so it’s important ...

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Coming Soon To Hire

Why Buy When You Can Borrow! Reasons To Hire Your Taping Tools

With years of experience in the plastering and drylining industry, we understand that buying the specific tools you need for a project isn’t always the most cost-effective solution. Having to find the cash for tools can be challenging, especially if you’re struggling to secure work on a consiste...

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Milwaukee Tools

Milwaukee Tools – ‘Disruptive Innovation’ Since 1924

With steadfast dedication to the construction industry that stretches back nearly 100 years, Milwaukee Tools have been leading the way with their unique and revolutionary solutions to the most common trade problems. One thing you want from any drylining or plastering tool is performance - and tha...

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top 10 plastering tools

The Top 10 Plastering Tools You’ll Need To Get The Job Done

When it comes to a specialist trade skill like plastering, it’s no secret that having the right tools can make a world of difference. Not only do the best plastering tools save time on the job, they also deliver a better end result and can give your project that extra touch of quality. From tro...

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