Site Lights for Plasterers

Site Light for PlasterersSite lights are an invaluable tool for anyone in the construction trade working on a building site where there’s cluttered or uneven ground and heavy equipment is used. As the days get shorter, the weather murkier and the nights pull in, often people will find themselves working in environments where added and effective lighting is a must. In the same way as they are used on a building site for other workers in the construction trade, site lights for plasterers come in really useful too. After all, when you’re looking for a level 5 finish that’s going to mean no call backs from dissatisfied customers, being able to see what you’re doing really well is a must.

The benefits of site lights

Site lights don’t only come in useful for workmen who need them to safely move around a building site, or ensure they can see a job they’re doing really well. The benefits of site lights also stretch to the safety of people working nearby and members of the public who might be passing and unaware of the dangers there are. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, site lights are available for all manner of purposes and come in a whole range of shapes and sizes, so it’s important to get the right kind of lighting for the thing you need it for. Site lights can include standalone ones which will illuminate a larger space and smaller ones that can be placed nearer to the ground to put a strong focus on a certain area. Battery or mains operated ones are available and a variety of bulbs can be used depending on the purpose they’re needed for. If you need them to be long lasting and able to stand up to harsher weather conditions too, then it makes sense to invest in ones which are going to stand up to the elements, whether snow, ice, wind or rain is thrown at them, not to mention the kind of dusty and dirty conditions that are a given for most construction sites. An example of an excellent site light for plasterers that we have in stock includes the Faithfull Cordless Bluetooth Tripod site light, which offers a safer environment, thanks to the absence of a cord to trip over. And believe it or not, you can even listen to your favourite music on it via Bluetooth!!

Accessories also available

In stock we also have a 5ft plasterer’s tripod light which comes on a tubular steel tripod stand that folds away easily, which makes it handy to store when it’s not in use. As with any plastering tool, maintaining your site light is important too. Accessories available include extension leads, couplers, cables and plugs which should be completely reliable in supporting your light source. And to save money, you may wish to replace your stand more often than your light.

Order your site lights online

To find out more about our excellent range of site lighting for plasterers which can come in handy wherever on a job you’re based, you can take a look through our products and order your site lights online today. If you have a question about our products then get in touch! We are happy to help. Whilst you’re here why not check out our plaster to plaster tips to make sure you are on top of the competition!

Company Spotlight – Putz  

This week we will be focusing on one of the great German manufacturers of plastering and rendering tools and equipment – Putz.

This exclusive range of tools was created with quality and comfort in mind, something which the company believes is the most important aspect of plastering tool manufacture. And this is what makes it a popular choice for professional plasterers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

In previous posts we’ve talked about how German manufacturing has produced some excellent achievements and innovation in science, technology and engineering over the years and, while they might be most commonly renowned for their supercars, it’s in other areas that they shine too.

(We’ll give you one guess what our favourite aspect of German innovation is – yes, you guessed it, the contribution that it has made to the plastering industry!)

The history of Putz

So, putting the spotlight on Putz Tools, as, given that Gypsumtools is a stockist of many of their products, we thought it only fair to let you know a little bit more about them.

This is a German company which is as private about its origins as it is passionate about its standards, having no need to publicise itself, possibly because the tools are already recognised on a global scale for their quality and the high standards pretty much speak for themselves.

In effect, it’s almost as though the manufacturers would rather you focus on the tools and accessories that they provide rather than the history of Putz. One thing remains for certain though, with Putz tools you can feel safe in the knowledge that a great deal of time and effort has gone into creating them. And, when they say that comfort and quality are their biggest considerations when creating the range, then it’s easy to see why.

The tools are predominantly made in Germany by Putz, with a few of them produced next door in France and you can buy a whole variety of equipment in the Putz range, from corner trowels, margin trowels and bucket trowels, to plastic, sponge and rubber floats, buckets, spatulas and floor screeding.

Why choose Putz products 

When you choose to buy one of the Putz products in our range, there are many reasons why it will be a good choice, but here are some of the most outstanding ones:

  • Great value for money
  • Well made
  • Long lasting
  • Focus on excellent quality and comfort


Order online on desktop, mobile or tablet 

If you would like to find out more about the range of Putz tools and other German made plastering equipment that we have in stock, you can take a browse through our products and order online, either on desktop, mobile or tablet. If you have any trouble please get in touch so we can help you out as soon as possible!

Putting our customers’ needs at the very forefront, we’ve ensured that whenever they need to order plastering tools online, that it can be done quickly, conveniently and securely.

Orders made before 4pm can enjoy next working day delivery and orders over £89 come with no delivery charge. So, if you’re in need of new plastering tools, why not give Putz a go? It’s certainly a brand we’d recommend.

German Made Plastering Tools

The Germans have become pretty well renowned the world over for their awesome prowess in the manufacture of plastering tools. So much so, that we are pleased to say we have several of their leading brands in stock.

But, don’t just take it from us. If you’re looking for German made plastering tools, here are some of the best that that we have available online and at our Leicester plastering supplies trade counter for you to choose from:

Nela / Refina / Putz tools 

Nela – Manufactured in Germany to the highest possible standards, NELA tools were launched in 2014 and their trowels and other plastering equipment has rapidly become among the most popular there are around. 

Refina – these guys are specialists in rust free and durable trowels, as well as a whole range of other plastering tools and equipment which are perfect for use in the plastering industry. The stainless steel and plastic trowels are all made in Germany and are available in a range of sizes. There’s also a large variety of tools for finishing, which include the plaziflex trowels and super flexible skimming spatulas.

Putz – with Putz tools you can rest assured that quality and comfort are the biggest considerations that have gone into creating them. The tools are predominantly German made and you can buy a whole range of tools in the Putz range, from corner trowels and bucket trowels, to floats, buckets and floor screeding.

Why choose German made plastering tools

The Germans have traditionally been world leaders in feats of engineering, technology and design. And when it comes to plastering tools and equipment, the standards which they set themselves and regularly achieve are again, often second to none.

This is a good reason to choose a German made brand – because of the high standards that are put into making the products they perform and last very well. It’s also the reason why customers come back to us time and time again to discover the latest innovative German plastering tools to hit the market.

Order your German made drywall and plastering tools online


If you would like to find out more about the excellent range that we have available, you can order your German made drywall and plastering tools online through our handy website.


We offer next day delivery and can deliver to most destinations throughout the UK. And, if you have any questions about our products, why not give one of our highly experienced members of staff a call, or contact us via email!

Differences between Gypsum and Sheetrock

Gypsum vs Sheetrock

When you’re looking to plaster a surface, whether it’s in a newly built home or a renovation to an existing wall or ceiling, there’s plenty of choice in the materials to use.

Traditionalists may opt for gypsum plaster, something which has been used in the trade for centuries and requires great skill and practice, while anyone looking for speed without the many stages of plastering and an arguably cheaper option, may opt for drywall.

Both have their plus points and depending on the look and feel of the area you’re plastering can really compliment the overall effect of a room.

Sometimes you might hear the odd phrase or two bandied about when it comes to materials to use, but if you’re wondering about the differences between gypsum and sheetrock in particular, then here is your answer.

What is gypsum and drywall?

Gypsum is a mineral which occurs naturally and the longer term for it is hydrous calcium sulphate. It’s mined in countries such as the USA and looks like beds of white sand. While it contains water it is easy to manipulate and use as plaster to coat walls and ceilings, but when it dries out it becomes more solid.

This is where you get the hardness of plastered walls once they’re dry (and also is the reason for only coating small areas of a wall at a time with plaster, to avoid it drying out before you’ve finished flattening!)  In fact, when heated all the way up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, gypsum turns into the unbreakable material that is Plaster of Paris.

Gypsum is fire resistant by nature, which makes it a popular choice for plasterers as it reduces the chance of fire damage to the structure of a building.

And a stage on from this is drywall – a material which uses gypsum at its core. In drywall, the gypsum is sandwiched between sheets of heavy paper and dried to give it the hard surface. It can come in large sheets, is incredibly easy to fix to a wall and is easy to paint.

So where does Sheetrock fit in?

Sheetrock was the term given to one of the first forms of drywall which was created in America around 100 years ago. So effectively you start out with the gypsum, use the gypsum to make up the core of the drywall, and then Sheetrock was a brand name for a version of drywall.

Order your drywall and plastering tools online

If you would like to discover more about the different plaster and drywall options that we have available, as well as the range of tools and equipment that can be used with them, take a look through our products and order online today. If you have any questions please contact us, we will be happy to help!