New Revolutionary Hook On Beads

Our latest product to hit our warehouse shelves are these amazing ‘Hook On Corner Beads’, which is quite self-explanatory. The Hook On Beads, quite simple hook on the plasterboard/drywall by placing it into position and applying a slight amount of pressure, the bead will then be secured in place, and that’s it. There is no need for any screws or nails when using this bead, this product has been designed with little hooks, (hence the name) that are specially designed to secure the bead with minimal effort, a simple tap should do it.

Revolutionary, right? Whether you’re in the plastering or drywall industry, you will use beads almost every day, so you can imagine the amount of time this is going to save you by not having to nail or screw the bead into place.

What if you position it wrong? Not a problem, the Hook On Corner Bead can easily be dismounted and adjusted over and over again.

The Hook On Corner Bead can be mounted horizontal or vertical although if you prefer to mount bead the traditional way, this can also be achieved with this bead.

We start stocking the Hook on Beads around a week ago and its pretty much been flying off our shelves, especially with Trade Counter visitors.

So far so good…. Already customers have explained that they will never go back on this product, that it’s simple and easy to use along. Customers have also expressed the amount of time this product has saved them.

Interested? The Hook On Corner Bead is available to purchase now in a pack of 50 (2.4m) at just £30. You can purchase online, over the phone 08456 254 321 or at our Trade Counter, in Leicester. Remember if you place your order before 4pm you can qualify for next day delivery.