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More than 50 years of experience in the plastering industry has taught us that no matter how good a plasterer you are, without the right plastering tools and equipment it’s virtually impossible to get a good plastering job done, not to mention the added time, stress and effort that it takes.

That’s why, at Gypsumtools we source only the best plastering hand tools that there are, from all of the best brands across the world. We take great pride in knowing the plastering industry from back to front and we know what our customers need and require, whether they’re from a large plastering firm, a self employed professional plasterer or a DIY enthusiast.

From trowels to plasterers’ knives, floats and hawks, we have a massive range of specialist plastering tools in stock that are guaranteed to meet your every need. Check out some of the tools used in plastering below:

Our Most Popular Hand Tools – Plastering Tools List

In our time in the plastering industry, we’ve managed to get a feel for the sort of tools that are really popular with our customers. The kind of tools that they keep coming back for time and time again. And here is just a selection of some plastering tools names:

Bucket Trowel – This Putz stainless steel bucket trowel has rounded corners and is great for avoiding damage to your bucket.

Hawk – A NELA heavy gauge aluminium Hawk which, with its sponge rubber callous preventer and non-slip handle, is perfect for holding your joint compound.

Corner trowel – This Refina Corner Trowel is a great piece of kit, because as well as being really well made, it’s adjustable which means you don’t have to carry loads of different sizes of tool about. Refina plastering tools are a trusted and quality brand in the industry.

Jointing Knife – These Gypsumtools stainless steel jointing knives with soft grip stainless blades are perfect for spreading joint compound, patching holes or smoothing wall coverings.

Finishing Trowel – a lightweight but very strong finishing trowel by Marshalltown designed to give you a lovely smooth finish to your work.

Plastering Float – this polyurethane float is light and warp resistant – ideal for applying wall plasters etc.

Midget Trowel – One of the fantastic NELA trowels in our huge range of NELA products which comes with a BiKo cork grip handle and a hardened stainless steel chrome blade for added flexibility and durability – great for concrete, plaster and drylining.

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Order your Plastering Hand Tools

We have a vast range of plastering supplies and equipment available for delivery throughout the UK. You can order your plastering hand tools either online, or you can visit our Leicester trade counter – whichever option you choose you can rest assured that we have one of the biggest ranges of stock available in the UK today.

If on the slim chance you go to order your plastering hand tools and we don’t have what you need in stock, we will be more than happy to order it in. And, for any help or advice, just give our friendly and knowledgeable staff members a call today.

Drywall Finishing Tools for Sale


Finishing drywall can be a dusty, tiresome and laborious job, not to mention being the last thing you want holding you up after you’ve just spent hours putting up a drywall. In fact, it can be the one job that many professional plasterers dread the most.

Thankfully, with the right tools and techniques, drywall finishing doesn’t have to be a nightmare and you can produce smooth, neat drywall joints and corners with little trouble at all.

There are some fantastic tools out there to choose from to help you get the job done effectively and quickly. At Gypsumtools, we pride ourselves on having one of the largest ranges of drylining tools on the web today and the sort of tools and equipment you need for drywall finishing with minimum stress.

Take a look at our range of drywall finishing tools for sale from all the best brands. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, or a professional plasterer, our stock is so extensive that we have tools to suit a range of needs, requirements and wallet sizes.

Drywall Finishing Tools can save time

It’s impossible to overlook the benefits of drywall finishing tools, because, from automatic tapers to corner finishers, they’ll help you to guarantee that no matter how big or small the job, the finished result is going to be one you can be proud of.

And there’s no doubting that drywall finishing tools can save time. Look at a drywall taping tool, such as an automatic taper, for instance, which can offer you the fastest method of applying paper tapes and air drying jointing compounds to plasterboard joints and angles there is. An automatic drywall taping tool will also apply just the right amount of joint compound, meaning less time sanding off the bits you don’t need after it’s dried.

With the drywall finishing tools that we have in stock at Gypsumtools, there’s no more need for time wasted, which will also save you on cost, efficiency and effort.

Level 5 Drywall Finishing Tools

With over 50 years experience in the plastering trade, we have a pretty good idea of the sort of tools and equipment that will help make our customers’ lives that little bit easier – especially when they’re doing the sort of jobs that aren’t the most fun, such as drywall finishing.

We really rate our range of Level 5 Drywall Finishing Tools, because not only will they save you time and effort, are hard wearing and easy to use, but they’re great value for money too. If you’re fairly new to the job, take a look at our Level 5 Drywall Starter Finishing Set which includes corner applicator, roller and finisher with handles, flat box and drywall compound pump.

Our range of Level 5 sets go all the way up to the Level 5 Pro Full Set which, as well as featuring the equipment above, also includes a compound pump with filler nozzle and gooseneck, an automatic taper and nail spotter.

Order Drywall Finishing Tools Online

You can’t really go wrong with our Level 5 drywall finishing tools, but if you’re looking to order drywall finishing tools online, why not have a browse through the site and take in the whole range of products that we have on sale.

You can order your plastering equipment online, or if you need any help or advice, just give us a call. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff pride themselves on an excellent level of customer service and would be more than happy to help.

Drywall Accessories Online

When you’re in the professional plastering business, the last thing you want to be doing when you’re busy with a drywall job is to have to down tools and stock up, wasting your valuable work time, while you make a visit to your local supplier.

So you might find it useful to know that the option to buy your drywall accessories online, easily and quickly is there for you, whenever you need it. You can find all of our drywall accessories online as well as at our Leicester trade counter, and they can be delivered the next day straight to your door, meaning you won’t need to leave the job at all.

At Gypsumtools our services are all about making our customers’ lives easier and more convenient. So, you might also be pleased to know we offer free delivery on orders over £50 to any location in the UK, whether you’re onsite or at home, as well as an excellent tool repair service and help and advice if it’s needed.

Gypsumtools Stock Quality Drywall Accessories

We currently have a huge range of drywall accessories in stock from tape and taping tools to drywall trowels and knives. And we stock all of the best brands, meaning that you can have a large choice of drywall accessories to choose from.

We take pride in our reputation as having one of the largest ranges of drylining products available on the web today and the knowledge that comes with over 50 years experience in the industry.

We know the sort of tools and accessories that professional plasterers need to have available quickly and easily to help them get the job done, that’s why Gypsumtools stock quality drywall accessories that you can be sure won’t let you down.

A Wide Range of Products

If you’re wondering whether we have what you need for your drywall job, we stock a wide range of products online and we’re pretty convinced you won’t be disappointed. And if, on the rare chance we don’t have what you need, we are more than happy to order it in quickly.

Our large range of plastering and drywall accessories will suit the needs of professional plasterers and DIY enthusiasts alike and our in depth knowledge of the plastering industry has ensured that our tools and accessories are the best there are when it comes to compatibility and endurance, giving you the best performance going.

Here are just a few of the drywall accessories we currently have in stock:

Drywall Trowel
Corner Trowel
Joint Taping Knife
Drywall Square
Wipe Down Knife
Drywall Screws
Drywall Saw (and gloves)
• Taping Tools
• Fixings and Fasteners
Drywall Rasp
Drywall Trolley

Order Drywall Accessories online at Gypsumtools

So, for all of your drywall accessory needs, either order online, call into our Leicester plastering supplies trade counter, or just give us a call. If you have any questions at all, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand and more than happy to offer help and support with anything you might need to know.

Take a look at our comprehensive range of drywall accessories and get your order in today!

Automatic Drywall Taping Tools UK


With the plastering industry becoming more and more competitive, the need to be on top of your game when it comes to having the latest tools and techniques is growing increasingly more important. Customers are demanding faster, cheaper and more effective results, while tools are reaching the market that are getting the job done in a fraction of the time.

It’s not only the plastering industry where tools have been developed that do some of the work for you, getting some of the harder to reach jobs done, while offering better results and a more satisfying end result.

The age of technology has benefited many a trade over the years, so it’s not surprising that many large plastering companies prefer to use Automatic Drywall Taping Tools, UK wide, because of the huge benefits, not only to profitability but also job results.

The Benefits of Automatic Drywall Taping Tools

When you look at it, the benefits of using Automatic Drywall Taping Tools far outweigh the small downsides which may include weight of the tool leading to muscle fatigue, initial expense and cleaning time. These benefits include:

• A better, more consistent finish – an automatic taping tool will ensure the correct amount of joint compound is applied, with the same consistency all the way across.

• Less sanding time, less compound wasted – Because the automatic taping tools apply just the right amount of compound, there’s less to be wasted when you have to sand the surplus off and less time wasted in doing the sanding itself.

• Safer working environment – Because many of the taping tools can reach those high up places it reduces the need for stilts, ladders and scaffolding which are one of the main causes of accidents in the plasterer’s workplace.

• Makes the job faster and easier – finishing can be done much faster with an automatic drywall taping tool than with hand tools, such as a taping knife, pan and hawk. The automatic taper will also apply the compound and tape to a joint at the same time, while both sides of a corner can be finished simultaneously with a corner finisher, meaning you don’t have to wait for one side to dry before doing the other.

• Save money – an automatic taping tool is proven to get the job done quicker with chances of a more consistent end result, meaning more profit on time saved and less unhappy customers and callbacks.

Make Life Easier with Level 5 Automatic Tools

The amount of time saved and the safer working environment achieved by using automatic drywall taping tools seem to cancel out the potential burden of added weight – because the job is done in a fraction of the time. And, when you imagine the amount of time and money you’ll save in being able to do a quicker, more consistent job, it outweighs the initial expense of buying the automatic tools in the first place.

At Gyspumtools, we have a large range of drywall accessories and tools for professionals to make life easier with Level 5 Automatic Tools being among the best value for money. These tools have the Level 5 moniker for a reason, because they are efficient, dependable, easy to maintain and get good results every time.

Order Automatic Taping Tools Online

Take a look through our extensive range and order your automatic taping tools online today. From corner finisher sets to the excellent Level 5 Pro Full Set, which offers every accessory within the Level 5 range – we are sure we’ve got the right automatic drywall taping tools for you. And if you have any questions about any of our products or services, just give us a call – we’re always happy to help.

Find out how you can make huge savings on our taping tools with our Taping Tool Kit Builder, featuring DeWalt and Level 5 taping tools.