4T Jointing Compound – Versatile, Durable & High Quality

As one of the leading jointing compound products available on the market right now, 4T has been designed specifically for the drywall professional.

If you’re looking for a compound that can make your job easier, this is the one for you. 4T has such a multitude of uses that it can save you both time and money over the long term – use it for everything from embedding tape and finishing corner bead to topping and texturing.

And before we get into this post, we’re delighted to announce we are ready to take your pre-orders of 4T jointing compound buckets right now, available on pallet for just £15 each – so get in touch on 08456 254321!

Benefits of 4T

Because it’s such a versatile compound that is perfect for use in automatic tools on a wide range of projects, there are so many benefits that come with choosing to work with 4T jointing compound.

There’s the ease at which this compound can be sanded down when dry. As it’s such a high quality product, the drywall professionals we know love how 4T compound reduces the physicality of the sanding process thanks to its easy-to-sand properties. There aren’t many other jointing compounds on the market that can reduce the physical demand of sanding, but 4T sets the bar in this area.

Furthermore, the lightweight properties of 4T jointing compound deliver low shrinkage and make it incredibly quick to clean up. Rushed to finish you taping jointing and need to tidy up your workspace? Don’t panic – 4T can be easily wiped away before it hardens and doesn’t leave any residue on your tools. This is certainly a compound that you can trust time and time again.

Most notable of all these benefits though is the glass-like finish this compound delivers – something that can’t be matched by other similarly priced products on the market. 4T has been developed to attach to walls evenly and consistently, meaning you’ll be left with a near pock-free finish every time.

Combine all this with a great low price and you have the ideal jointing compound!

Buy 4T Direct From Us!

Here at Gypsumtools we provide 4T compound by pallet and now by bucket, giving you complete flexibility on how you want your compound delivered. Not only that, our stock of 4T in buckets gives you much more than just the compound itself.

Each individual bucket is completely reusable which means when you run low on compound, you can resupply using our boxed 4T rather than having to reorder another bucket. Also, the bucket is the perfect mixing tool – stick your paddle straight in, mix your compound and away you go. You can even place your pump directly into the bucket to fill your automatic taping tools.

Our new buckets of 4T compound are also 17 litres in size compared to the standard boxes which are only 14.7 litres. We are currently offering our buckets on a pallet at just £15 each, with single buckets also available at £16 each – pre-order yours now by calling 08456 254321.

The perfect product for taping tools, topping and texture, 4T is the only multipurpose compound you’ll ever need.