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Drilling errors can be costly, time consuming and downright frustrating, especially when you have a brand new beautifully plastered wall. Problem is, if you or your client are looking to have lighting installed in your new room, it can be tricky knowing exactly where hidden cables, pipes and joists are before you make the hole in the plasterwork.

The popularity of down lighting in homes and businesses is growing massively year on year, due to the energy savings and long life of the bulbs, not to mention the attractive look that they offer.

However, the down lighting needs to be carefully positioned to suit the layout of a room. And, with up to 60 being common in the home and even more in commercial businesses, the likelihood of hitting a water pipe or electrical cable can be an absolute nightmare. This is where you can save yourself some hassle with Plasterspot!

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Get rid of the guesswork

Traditionally finding the original positioning of ceiling joints, water and electrical feeds caused great difficulty for tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts once a wall had been plastered. It involved a lot of luck and the only way to have any indication of where it was ok to drill was through using very technical and time consuming drawings to get the lights or sockets in the right place.

With new versions of downlighting hitting the market, the positioning of them has become increasingly complex and the distribution even more unusual. Over the years these developments have made the tradesman’s job even harder, when it comes to installing ceiling spotlights, wall sockets, switches or smoke detectors.

However, the good news is that an innovative and extremely useful new device has hit the market to tackle these problems, which will enable tradesmen to get rid of the guess work.

Brand new product

Plasterspot is a brand new product which aims to make life easier for anyone looking to drill holes in a newly plastered wall. It’s simple really. Before the wall is plastered, the plasterer can peel off and stick the spot onto the surface to indicate where it is ok to drill a hole for your downlighting or socket. Once the surface has then been plastered over the top of the spot, it bleeds through as the plaster dries leaving a well defined spot.

It’s a really useful piece of kit to have in your bag as it has many uses for both the electrical trade and even the plumbing trade, when it comes to positioning for radiators, pipework, bathroom sinks and unsupported toilets.

row of plasterspot packets

Grab your pack today!

At Gypsumtools we are the only supplier of Plasterspot throughout the world. Grab your pack today and see how much easier this innovative new product can make your job, or the job of the person who comes after you to fit the lights, sockets, or anything else after the wall has been plastered.

For more information, check out our products online, or get in touch.

Gypsumtools is now stocking NorthStar taping products

When it comes to putting up drywall, it certainly pays to have some of the best tools there are. Ones that you know won’t let you down, no matter how tough the job is and ones that will keep going strong from the moment they’re out of the box.

At Gypsumtools we scour the corners of the globe to find the best plastering tools available at the best possible prices, so that they make the grade whether you’re a professional plasterer or a DIY enthusiast with a one off job.

It’s because we take pride in sourcing the best plastering products that we are pleased to announce that Gypsumtools is now stocking NorthStar Taping Products.


About NorthStar products

Putting up drywall can be a tiring job, with the finishing part often proving to be the most trying bit, especially if you don’t have the right kit to hand. NorthStar’s aim is to take the pain away by offering a range of top quality, ergonomically designed tools that you can rely on.

If you’re looking for more information about NorthStar products, or would like to browse through the complete taping range, we are pleased to say that, as the exclusive UK distributor, you’ve come to the right place to find out more.

NorthStar is one of Canada’s leading automatic taping and plastering tool suppliers, with over 40 years’ experience in the field. It’s a company which is committed to the sort of ongoing innovation and excellence that puts them firmly in the running as a plasterer’s brand of choice.

Their flagship product, their automatic taper, has an impressive list of selling points, including adjustable paw roller systems which let you run the tension you prefer and adjust for wear, an adjustable cutter spring system that allows for tension adjustment and easy blade change adjustment, as well as an open cutter spring system which provides strength and allows for easy cleaning and lubrication.


Gypsumtools stocking complete taping range

We are really pleased to say that Gypsumtools is stocking the complete taping range by NorthStar, because we know that these products can go a long way towards making our customers’ lives easier, by offering them reliable tools that will get the job done in no time.

You can choose from a range of NorthStar tools and packages – from the automatic taper on its own, all the way through to the NorthStar Pro Performance Set, and Pro Premium Set.

One handy piece of kit especially worth taking note of for completing a drywall job quickly and well is the NorthStar Starter Finishing Set. This comes with flat boxes and handles, corner applicator, finisher and roller, plus handles, as well as a loading pump and filler nozzle.

As with all Gypsumtools products we offer fast delivery times from our UK warehouse, whether it’s on site or to your home (Next working day delivery on orders made before 12pm).

Contact Us to discuss NorthStar Taping Tools

To find out more about this excellent new range of products that we have in stock, you can either take a browse through our products online or contact us to discuss NorthStar Taping Tools.

Our friendly, professional and experienced staff are always on hand to offer help and advice where it’s needed.

Find out how you can make huge savings on our taping tools with our Taping Tool Kit Builder, featuring DeWalt and Level 5 taping tools.

Cheap Plastering Equipment Clearance


Most people love a bargain and in this day and age, as we all take a deep breath and pull our belts firmly in, the chance to save yourself a wodge of cash on some top quality tools is one to not be sniffed at.

At Gypsumtools we pride ourselves on our reputation for offering a great range of plastering tools and equipment to suit any plastering job, whether you’re a professional plasterer, or DIY enthusiast who fancies a go at a bit of drywall.

This mark of quality works across the board as far as we’re concerned and that’s why, even when it comes to the stuff that’s in our cheap plastering equipment clearance section, you can still rest assured that it will be of a great standard and get the job done well.

The only difference is that in some cases it’s half the price…


Discounted Plastering Equipment

If you’re looking for some discounted plastering equipment that is still top notch, why not take a browse through some of the bits and pieces that have made it through to our bargain discount area.

From plastering tools to accessories, there’s quite a bit in there at the moment, so it might be a handy time to pick up a new piece of equipment that you need. Here are just a few heavily discounted examples to choose from:

  • Plasterer’s water brush – if your brush is starting to look a little hairless, then maybe it’s time for a new one. There are two sizes available in our discount section – 125mm and 150mm – each designed to tolerate extended exposure to water and made of the sort of superior quality that lasts.

  • Kraft Drywall Taper – You can get your drywall finished in no time with this handy aluminium drywall taper and it’s currently got 30% off the asking price! It also won’t rust on you and has a large mud capacity, with the space to hold all 500’ rolls of tape.

  • Knee pads and work gloves – any plasterer will tell you that it’s pretty easy for your hands and knees to get a battering on the job, so it’s worthwhile protecting them where you can. If your kit is starting to look a bit worn, check out these Kraft knee pads and professional work gloves – perfectly light weight yet durable.

  • Floor scrapers – just what you need for removing grease and dirt from workshop floors and other areas. The products in our discount section currently come in two sizes – 450mm and 200mm wide.

  • Professional work bag – again, if yours is starting to look like it’s had its days then check out the one in our clearance section which has been reduced to almost half the price.

selection of clearance items

Low Prices, High Quality

The great thing about our bargain discount area is that you’re looking at rock bottom prices for equipment that we’ve still hand picked ourselves. So this is pretty much the best of the best when it comes to the lowest prices and the highest quality.

Order Your Products Today

If you like what you see in our discount section, you can order your products today for next working day delivery on orders made before 12pm. So, if a piece of kit fails on a job, you’ll know its replacement is winging its way to you with no need to down tools to go fetch it.

For further information about any of our products, feel free to drop one of our team a line with any questions. With over 50 years experience in the trade we’re always on hand to help where we can.