Automated Tools Are Now Must-Haves – Here’s Why!

taping tools

Did you know, the very first drywalling taping tools came onto the market back in the 1930s? That’s nearly 90 years ago.

But the truth is, even in 2019, many contractors are still working as if they’re back in that era. and it’s understandable.

Is It Time To Upgrade?

If you normally do your drywalling by hand in the time-tested way most professionals learned their trade as apprentices, you might not have given the new automatic taping tools a second thought. After all, you don’t want to find yourself doing a job that’s below par. You’ve spent years honing your craft and taking pride in your work.

But if we can get your attention just for a second on the subject of automated tools, we might have some good news for you.

We’d like to let you know how plugging in could actually make all the difference to your business – not just in terms of the hard work you’re putting in, but in cost-efficiency too. Not only would you save precious time and save on man hours, you could find yourself with a more efficient work flow that means you can charge the same for the same job, but spend less time doing it.

The most important thing to take away from this is that the quality of finish you get from automatic taping tools is impressively good and, if done right, will match hand finishers. Automatic taping tools are designed by professionals who know the high quality of manual work you produce – they are made to perfect drywalling fixing and finishing results at a fraction of the speed it would normally take you.

Get The Edge Over Your Competitors

In the marketplace you’re up against your local competitors every day, and the chances are they haven’t caught on to automation yet – so why not give yourself a big head start by getting trained in automatic taping tools, investing in the right equipment, and giving your staff the benefit of some professional development!

Your walls will be smooth, perfectly prepared – still the same recipe for job satisfaction as ever.

How about safety? Well, you’ll reduce the risk substantially by using automated tools as you’ll be able to reach higher places with less equipment. In fact, safe working is one of the driving forces behind the growing popularity of automated taping tools.

Have we got you interested? Contact us if you need some more information, or have a look through our range of taping tools to discover the equipment that will work best for your business needs. Don’t want to commit? Why not hire? We reckon you’ll soon be back to thank us for introducing you to automated taping tools!