Why Buy When You Can Borrow! Reasons To Hire Your Taping Tools

With years of experience in the plastering and drylining industry, we understand that buying the specific tools you need for a project isn’t always the most cost-effective solution. Having to find the cash for tools can be challenging, especially if you’re struggling to secure work on a consistent regular basis and we all know that even a small set of taping tools is expensive.

The other potential pitfall is that you might only need one or two tools for a short stint of work, so it can often feel like buying a whole set of tools isn’t worth your while – what are you going to do with them after the job is finished? If it is your first time using the tools will you ever use them again?

This is where looking into taping tool hire can be a smart move. Here at Gypsumtools, we are proud to offer a fantastic tool hire service that can be fully customised to suit your unique requirements. Hire taping tools with us for 90 days, 6 months, 9 months or even an entire year – just choose the length of time that suits your work schedule, we’ll do the rest.

Unsure about hiring? We understand, but there are plenty of reasons why you should hire specific drylining tools you need instead of investing in them.

For example, automatic taping tools are fantastic in speeding up the taping process and ensuring the final finish of your project is consistent and of a high quality. Buying brand new taping tools can be expensive, so hiring the ones you need for a short term work can make a lot more sense from a financial perspective – especially if planned jobs fall through at the last minute, allowing you to speedily get through the one job and move onto another.

Here are some further reasons why hiring taping tools could suit you better than purchasing them outright:

  • Whatever tool you hire from us, it will always be the latest model – meaning you’ll have the best piece of equipment for that task in your toolkit and therefore a better chance of delivering a higher quality finish.
  • You’ll make significant savings on the upfront cost of purchasing taping tools as you’ll only have to pay a one off upfront cost and a refundable deposit.
  • There’s no ongoing cost to you as the user of the tools; any problems give us a shout and we’ll do our best to advise or fix your tools if anything were to go wrong.
  • You can save time on the job by having the exact taping tools you need delivered to your site by our UK-wide delivery service.
  • Hiring the specific taping tools you need can allow you to customise your toolkit on a project-by-project basis.
  • If you’re unsure whether a specific tool could be the one for you, hiring it first gives you a fantastic chance to try it before you choose to buy it outright.
  • As part of the tool hire service we provide to our customers, we’re more than happy to offer advice on best use practises as well as a demonstration of any tools if needed.
  • You can also purchase a service when taking out a hire package with us, ensuring that if any any damage is caused to the tools, we’ll sort you out with replacements until your original tools are fixed and returned to you.

If you need even more persuading that hiring can be just as efficient as buying, Gypsumtools stock one of the UK’s largest range of taping tools, meaning you’ll be able to choose from an extensive selection of the must-have industry products. All these tools are available for hire across a range of different time periods to provide maximum flexibility to our customers. And guess what… we have another brand that’s going to available for hire VERY soon!

We work with some of the biggest brands in the drylining industry too, including the likes of Level 5 and Northstar so you can be assured of each and every tools’ quality and reliability – all available at highly competitive prices, for a minimum of 90 days and a refundable deposit which is payable before your lease period begins, simple.

Our hire team pride themselves on stocking the best kit at the best prices and we’re here to help everyone get hold of the tools they need to get the job done. In-house experts are always on hand via our Leicester trade counter to offer their advice on the most suitable taping tools for your project, as well as the most cost-effective hire plan for your needs.

To find out more or enquire about hiring any of our taping tools, give us a call on 08456 254 321 and speak to a member of the team. Or you can visit our ‘Equipment Hire’ page and download a brochure that suits you.

Find out how you can make huge savings on our taping tools with our Taping Tool Kit Builder, featuring DeWalt and Level 5 taping tools.

Milwaukee Tools – ‘Disruptive Innovation’ Since 1924

Milwaukee Tools

With steadfast dedication to the construction industry that stretches back nearly 100 years, Milwaukee Tools have been leading the way with their unique and revolutionary solutions to the most common trade problems.

One thing you want from any drylining or plastering tool is performance – and that is where the philosophy of Milwaukee Tools has delivered time and time again. The ‘disruptive innovation’ ingrained into this brand has helped it to repeatedly create tools that deliver unrivalled reliability and offer a new level of productivity for their users.

As proud stockists of Milwaukee Tools here at Gypsumtools, we are delighted to offer our customers access to one of the most trusted industry-leading brands on the current market. With a wide range of power tools, accessories and hand tools to choose from, there is something for almost every trade profession.

The tools that Milwaukee bring to the table are often trade-specific and provide a unique solution to common on-site issues – whether it be through their Lithium-ion technology used in their M12, M18 and M28 drill systems or their Shockwave Impact Duty driver bits which have been engineered to be the most reliable, best fit driver bits in the world. There are no boundaries with this brand – they will take on and overcome almost any challenge the drylining world can throw at them.

So how do they manage to do this so consistently? The key is working alongside professional tradesmen all over the world, allowing Milwaukee to understand the ever-changing demands of the construction industry and design their products accordingly. Their aim is always to help professionals work faster and smarter, not ignoring the small details that can make a world of difference. It’s this level of ‘disruptive innovation’ that continues to deliver exceptional new products time and time again.

Throughout their history, Milwaukee have been responsible for some of the biggest breakthroughs in power tool design:

1924 – the ‘Hole-Shooter’ was the first lightweight, portable one-handed drill
1949 – Milwaukee developed the first right-angle drill
1951 – the Sawzall Reciprocating Saw, the first self-contained portable electric hacksaw
1979 – the first U.S-made annular grinder
2005 – Milwaukee becomes the first power tool manufacturer to use lithium-ion technology
2008 – the first manufacturer to use Ice Hardened strengthening technology

This isn’t even the full list of company achievements, but as you can see, it does go some way to demonstrating the incredible and unrelenting desire Milwaukee have to develop and design tools that really do help the end user. While some manufacturers out there have shifted their focus to the mass markets in recent times, Milwaukee have continued to remain focused purely on the core user group.

It’s not just the manufacturing process that they invest in either. Milwaukee Tools also benefit from established partnerships with some of the top universities around the world which plays a key role in their recruitment process, allowing them to fast-track the very best young talent in engineering, marketing and sales.

Combining this with heavy investment in the next line of products, Milwaukee can constantly look to the future safe in the knowledge that their tools stand at the forefront of the plastering and drylining marketplace. As a brand, they pride themselves on being defined by unprecedented speed, agility, innovation and most importantly, quality.

Making the workplace a safer and more productive environment, forms the cornerstone of Milwaukee Tools mission – something that we echo here at Gypsumtools.

If you’re looking to buy your next set of drylining or plastering tools, look no further than Milwaukee Tools. As an organisation, they are always looking to reach new heights and hit that next level of performance for the benefit of all their customers.

You can view our full range of Milwaukee Tools by clicking here.