Plastering Stilts & Hop Ups

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Currently showing 3 results

Shop Plastering Stilts & Hop Ups At Gypsumtools 

If you're in the market for a new plasterer hop up or set of plastering stilts, we are here to help! Our fantastic range of reliable step-up tools are perfect for use on the job, just choose the product that suits you. 

Both fold away hop ups and plastering stilts are great ways to perform necessary tasks safely, either decorating at work or at home. These really are a must-have product for any professional plasterer trying to reach those high spots with ease. Plastering stilts, in particular, are very popular because of the freedom to move they provide while working. Although there are plenty of other benefits to bear in mind when thinking of investing in a plastering stilts.

  • Plastering stilts will save you time on climbing up and down ladders and moving from place to place.
  • Plastering stilts also help reduce the risk of overreaching to get to hard to reach areas which can lead to muscle strain, fatigue and falls.
  • Plastering stilts are a much safer option to balancing on ladders, offering you greater stability when both moving and standing still.
  • Plastering stilts while light, are sturdy and act as an extension to your lower leg, have a solid large base and are easy to balance on.
  • Finally, a set of plastering stilts can be fitted in seconds using quick-release straps and an adjustable working height making them quick and convenient. 

We also stock a plastering stilt spares pack in case you've lost a screw along the way or need to replace a damaged part.

When Will I Receive My Plastering Stilts & Hop Up?

When you place an order with us, you'll benefit from our lightning-fast delivery service from our main warehouse in the Midlands because we know that you'll want your plastering stilts and hop ups with you as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and getting you the tools you need fast. Order today and have your plastering stilts as soon as the next working day!