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Drywall Materials

Discover our selection of drywall compound and drywall materials featuring jointing compound, ready mixed jointing compound, and gypsum plaster to make your drylining jobs easier. The dry lining materials available can be bought separately or in a handful of bundle sizes depending on your dry lining material needs! 

Plastering Materials

Plaster is used as both a protective coating for walls and ceilings as well as a decorative layer, allowing you to create any desired finish. Our plastering materials include plastering filler and finish, plaster and dry lining tape, beading, drywall screws and more.

Our ready-mixed drywall compound and drywall materials range feature the latest offerings from top drylining brands such as Wondertex and 4T, making us the preferred choice for professional dry lining materials and gypsum plaster.

Drywall Materials FAQ’s

How long does it take for our drywall materials to be delivered to you?

When you place an order with us, you'll benefit from our lightning-fast delivery service from our main warehouse in the Midlands because we know that you'll want your drywall compound and gypsum plaster material with you as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and getting you the tools you need fast.

What materials do you need for plastering?

The basic materials you will need for plastering is the plaster powder- the most common types are a composition of gypsum, lime or cement- which will need to be mixed with water. You will also need a plastering hawk, a window trowel, a finishing trowel, bucket trowel, plasterers float, a sponge and some sandpaper as well as a jointing knife.

What is the mixture for plastering?

For best plastering results, you’ll need to use approximately a  1:1 ratio of water to plaster, or half and half. You should slowly add the plaster to the water until the desired stiff paste consistency is formed.