4T Lightweight Multi Purpose Ready Mix Jointing Compound (64 Box Pallet), 14.7L

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  • This versatile compound works well in automatic tools saving you money on compound and making your job easier
  • Plasterers love how easy to sand 4T Multi Purpose Compound is
  • High quality compound, backed by warranty means you can trust that you will have quality results every time
  • Only £1.02 per litre!

As one of the leading jointing drywall compound products available on the market, 4T compound has been designed specifically for the drywall professional. If you're looking for a compound that can make your job easier and quicker, this is the one for you. 4T compound has such a multitude of uses that it can save you both time and money in the long term.


  • 4T Multi Purpose Compound is used for everything from embedding tape, to finishing corner bead and fasteners, to topping and texturing
  • This light-weight joint compound feathers superbly and delivers a virtually pock free smooth as glass finish


Dust from dry sanding may cause eye, nose, throat, or upper respira­ tory irritation. Continued and pro­ longed exposure to high concentra­tions of airborne dust may cause lung disease. To avoid creating dust, wet sand or sponge finish the joints. If dry sanding is performed, ventilate work area and use a NIOSH approved mask. Eye protec­tion is also recommended.



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