After a long day on site, it’s time to down tools and head home for a well-deserved break before starting up again the next day.

The plastering or drylining tools you’ve worked hard and paid for need to be stored safely overnight under lock and key until the next morning, so it’s important to know they’re in a safe place away from the possibility of damage or worse, theft.

When it comes to high quality secure storage options for tools of all shapes and sizes, Armorgard offer some of the best products on the current market. From concept and design through to manufacture and servicing, their team support the UK’s network of plasterers and drylining with robust tool storage systems built around the needs of the everyday user.

We’re delighted to stock a selection of plastering and drylining tool storage products from Armorgard to our customers. We’ve chosen to partner with Armorgard because of their continued attention to detail and value for money across their entire product range – something we know our customers have benefitted from time and time again.

Not only that, Armorgard understand that storing drylining tools safely shouldn’t be taken lightly. Theft from building sites or the work vehicles of professional tradesmen is unfortunately all too common these days, so keeping your tools protected in an Armorgard storage unit can provide the security and reliability you need.

This brand understands that their products will ‘take a knock’ every now and then, especially on site, which is why their range is designed with a core focus on strength and durability.

If you need a safe way to store your tools, Armorgard offer a variety of different options to suit the size and weight of your products. All Armorgard products are tested to a strict quality control standard to ensure the very best quality and guarantee the safety of your plastering or drylining tools.

Not only are these storage systems safe, they also pay attention to small details that can make using the system that little bit easier, for example:

  • Powerful gas-powered struts are used on each storage box to help open and close the lid, taking away the weight and allowing you to focus on grabbing the tools you need.
  • Heavy duty Chubb-style keys come as standard and won’t snap easily. They can also be removed from the lock when the box is unlocked for ease of access.
  • Each product is branded with a unique serial number for additional security and this gives you the option of a guaranteed replacement key service in the event you misplace your existing set.
  • Forklift skids are in place on all the storage system products for extra mobility and come with pre-drilled holes which allow castors to be added simply and easily.

During the development of all their products, the Armorgard team spend a significant amount of time on construction and works sites to ensure their next set of tool storage options are tailored to the needs of the market. New products must continue to match the already high standards set by their predecessors and, most importantly, remain innovative and versatile.

Here at Gypsumtools, we’re proud to provide a selection of Armorgard products including the ever-popular OxBox Site Box as well as the mobile Cutting Station and Folding Board Trolley. All of these products combine stylish design with reliability, something that is almost guaranteed to improve your productivity when working on site.

As the UK’s go-to brand for durable products that work, Armorgard are comfortably ahead of the competition for tool storage innovation and quality.