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Plastering Trowels

A plastering trowel is arguably the most vital tool in any plasterers tool kit. It is used for the scooping and spreading of plaster and a plastering job simply won't be able to be complete without it. So, are you looking for a high-quality plastering trowel? Well, look no further!

Finishing Trowels

Our wide selection of plastering trowels in our plastering tools range includes plastering finishing trowels, flat trowels, corner trowels, margin trowels, bucket trowels and plastering trowel sets, either in stainless steel or plastic. At Gypsumtools we understand that you need durable, high-quality trowels to complete the job effectively, which is why we only stock the best finishing trowels, corner trowels and plastering trowel sets from the leading industry brands including Marshalltown, Putz, Nela, Delhedy & more.

Plastic Plastering Trowels & Stainless Steel Trowels

All the trowels in the range are made of flexible plastic or stainless steel to provide a quick and simple application with a smooth finish. The sturdy handle on each of our plastering trowels ensures a secure grip during use so all your plastering jobs can be completed with ease. Plus, with the vast array of different shapes and sized trowels in the collection, we are sure you will find the best plastering trowel for your needs whether it be a large bucket trowel or a smaller corner trowel! If it's a selection of different trowel types you are after, then why not check out our plastering trowel sets!

We believe that buying a trowel needn't be complicated, so to help you find the best plastering trowel for your needs we've answered some frequently asked questions below to get you started...

Plastering Trowels FAQ’s

What plastering trowel do I need?

Choosing the right trowel for the job can make or break for the final finish. We suggest you size up the area you will be plastering - for example, if you are plastering a large space then you'll benefit from a larger plastering trowel or if you are likely to be plastering corners then you'll need a corner trowel to finish the job. A trowel which is too big will not bode well on walls with uneven surfaces or features while a small plastering trowel can make a larger job take a lot longer than it should. 

Should I buy a stainless steel trowel or plastic plastering trowel?

Plastic trowels are specifically designed to give an amazing finish, however, should not be a replacement for steel trowels. Arguably, stainless steel trowels remain the best trowel for applying the first few coats of plaster so we recommend every plasterer's tool kit includes a stainless steel trowel. Plastic plastering trowels are a fantastic addition if you are looking for a top-quality finish. 

What is the best plastering trowel for beginners?

Knowing which plastering trowel in the range is best suited for your needs can be tricky, especially when you are just starting out in the plastering world and do not yet have a preferred brand. A premium or Superflex plastering trowel is known for its ultra-lightweight, making them some of the most comfortable trowels on the market and a good place to start if you are not yet used to the heavyweight of plastering. Generally, a smaller 11-inch trowel is often best when just starting out as it is easier to control.

How long does it take for our plastering trowels to be delivered to you?

When you place an order with us, you'll benefit from our lightning-fast delivery service from our main warehouse in the Midlands because we know that you'll want your trowel with you as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and getting you the tools you need fast - shop today and receive your new trowel as soon as the next working day.

Our consistently high stock levels also mean we are able to deliver exceptional customer service and unrivalled prices in all manner of plastering tools and equipment.