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Over the past 7 years, the Radius 360° has simply Changed how professionals sand paint and drywall. The 9" diameter head provides unparalleled range of motion and finish quality. The redesigned Radius360° is the same great tool with the added ability to transform your pole sander to a handheld sander, or to switch out the round shape for the triangular head of the new Trigon180° sanding tool for detail corner sanding. Removable center hubs. Our new sanding system allows the user to create the best sanding tool for his or her application. The new center hub design let's you change the function of your sander in seconds. First, remove the replaceable foam pad, slide the cam lock lever to the unlocked position, then turning the center hub counter clock wise to pop it out of the tool base. It's all about creating the right tool for the right application.