Stabila LAX50 Self Levelling Laser 16789

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The Stabila LAX400 Multi Line Laser rotates horizontally through 360° for line marking and levelling around an entire room


  • It has a manual alignment function, where two lines form a 90° angle
  • With fine adjustment, the laser lines can be pivoted to a target position without losing the position of the plumb-line dot
  • The laser has a vertical beam which is directed downwards and is clearly visible through the adjustable feet
  • Above, the two vertical lines intersect precisely over the plumb line dot
  • The LAX400 is ideal for transferring a layout from floor to the ceiling and for quick and accurate plumb bobbing
  • It has a shock-absorbent soft grip case

Supplied with the following:
Target plate
Laser goggles
Wall bracket
4 x AA batteries
Hard protective case

Laser class: 2
Levelling accuracy: ±0.3mm/m
Line straightness: ±0.2mm/m
90° angle precision: ±0.3mm/m
Laser beam accuracy: ±0.3mm/m
Measuring distance: 20m
Protection: IP54

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