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Level 5 - Mega Taping Kit Bundle

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Level 5 - Mega Taping Kit Bundle

Regular Price: £2,902.96

Special Price £2,725.00

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Level 5 - Taping Kit Bundle



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Would you like to significantly increase your automatic taping speed and efficiency, whilst saving over 30% on all costs guaranteed?

Watch this short video to see just how much faster you can achieve a fantastic finish… every time.

Tapers around the whole world are renown for striving for the highest levels of productivity without compromising on the quality of their finish.

No doubt you’ve recognised the increased usage of taping in the United kingdom and around the world, with more leading construction companies and housing developers moving to taped dry walls over traditional methods. Then it’s no wonder that you’re keen to protect and develop your skills in a direction that ensure that you always remain in work and in high demand.

Level 5 Tools has put this ethos right at the heart of their new taping kit and strives towards helping hard working tradesman like you to earn more money and work less hours, and that’s guaranteed.

Brand new for 2016

In 2016, Level 5 Tools unveiled the brand new taping kits to critical acclaim of tapers around the world. After taking on board the feedback of some of the World’s most experienced tapers, the USA born tools have been precisely reengineered from the ground up, and pressure tested to prove claims trademark red taping tools are making faster progress than any other manufacturer.

  • Testimonial

    “I tried Level5 when my Northstar Taper was in repair, and I can’t believe the difference in the feel of these tools. It’s the smoothest application I’ve ever felt. Given the low price of everything too, other brands have got some catching up to do.” Nigel Preston

  • Testimonial

    “I hope you don’t mind me saying, but I was sceptical as I’d heard some negative comments about Level 5 in the past. How wrong I turned out to be. There’s no overspill on any of the flat boxes and everything just glides across the walls with ease.” Simon Reeves

7 Reasons To Invest in Power of A Level 5 Automatic Taper

The all new Level 5 Auto Taper has been completely redesigned to improve the strength, durability and smoothness so that you can perform at your best and get more done.

  • Level 5

    1. Built for Professionals

    This auto taper is built with professionals mind. Designed to stand up to whatever challenges you face, the lightweight body, smooth action and extremely tough structure means that you’re spending more of your time working and earning, and less time worrying about maintenance and repairs.

  • Level 5

    2. Increased Lifespan Of Key Parts

    Back plates and stainless steel internal parts have been precision engineered to maximise robustness and significantly increase the life expectancy of parts which tapers have become accustomed to changing on a regular basis.

  • Level 5

    3. Work For Longer With Less Effort

    The whole taper is over 30% lighter whilst being up to 197% stronger than previous models. This increased strength means that your assembly can be relied on, now matter how tight your completion date deadline might be.

  • Level 5

    4. Adjust Spring Tensioner In Seconds

    For the first time the Level 5 spring tensioner can be adjusted in seconds, giving you the ultimate control over your application technique and efficiency.

  • Level 5

    5. Sharp, Smooth and Accurate

    With the reinforced strength of the Molded Cutter Tube Guide, your cutting action feels quick and responsive, even making the blades feel sharper as they slice through the tape leaving you with a precise and accurate finish every time.

  • Level 5

    6. Strong and Long-lasting

    The new stainless steel drum, replaces the weaker and problematic plastic drum of previous models, making this not only stronger and harder wearing, but also decrease tension when applying tape and compound.

  • Level 5

    7. Effortless Maneuvering

    The Adjusting Roller Brake gives a quick and responsive brake, lets you move quickly and effortlessly around the room as you switch between ceilings and walls.

Level 5 Always Wins On Price

See this simple comparison chart to see just how much you will be saving on these popular consumable by switching from other popular automatic taper brands.

Save £££'s on parts and spares

  • Brand
  • Automatic Taper
  • Pyramid Blade
  • Cable
  • Cottor Pin
  • Tapetech
  • £995.00
  • £1.60
  • £7.95
  • £0.60
  • Columbia
  • £995.00
  • £1.60
  • £7.95
  • £0.60
  • Level 5
  • £649.00
  • £1.00
  • £4.00
  • £0.39
Our Money Saving Guarantee

Our Money Saving Guarantee

If you, for whatever reason don’t feel that the new level 5 taping kit has made an improvement to your ability to save and earn money then you can send it back for a full refund. Our Money & Time Guarantee.

Each kit comes with...

[BRAND NEW] The Level 5 Automatic Taping Tool Kit 

This second generation taping Kit has been re-engineered from the ground up making it one of the most advanced taping kits at only a fraction of the cost.

  • Level 5 Automatic Taper
  • 7" Flat Box with Extendable Handle
  • 10" Flat Box with Extendable Handle
  • 12" Flat Box with Extendable Handle
  • Corner Applicator with Extendable Handle
  • Corner Roller with Extendable Handle
  • Corner Finisher with Extendable Handle
  • Compound Pump with Goose Neck Attachment
  • Pair of Plasterers Stilts

 7 Year Warranty On Level 5 Only

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Level 5
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