Taping & Jointing Mega Bundle

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This Jointers Mega Material Bundle includes...

  • 48x JRT 2" Scrim Tape
  • 10x Plasterers Paper Tape
  • 6x Gypsumtools Metal Angle Tape - 30m
  • 64x 4T Lightweight Multi Purpose Ready Mix Jointing Compound 14.7L
  • 64x Wondertex PREM FILLER: Plasterboard Joint Filler - 12.5kg


48x JRT 2" Scrim Tape

  • Self adhesive scrim tape, 48mm x 90m
  • Easy & rapid application
  • Repairs & helps to prevent cracks
  • Extra strong fibreglass mesh
  • Reinforces joints in plasterboards

10x Plasterers Paper Tape 

  • Paper tape comes in 150m rolls and is suitable for hand or machine jointing, it is brilliant white and perforated with a central crease.
  • Reinforces joints and angles perfectly
  • The Equivalent to BG GYPROC WHITE JOINT TAPE
  • Size: 150m single rolls

6x Gypsumtools Metal Angle Tape - 30m 

  • 51mm x 30 metres
  • A superior paper tape reinforced with galvanized metal.
  • Arrow heavy-duty metal corner tape
  • Steel reinforced giving good rigidity
  • Designed for finishing internal, external drywall corners and dry line partitions.
  • Quickly and easily applied to give assurance that every corner will be straight and sharp.

Suitable For

  • External corners
  • Arches, drop ceilings, splay angles, bay windows etc
  • 2 x 12mm steel strips

64x 4T Lightweight Multi Purpose Ready Mix Jointing Compound 14.7L

  • This versatile compound works well in automatic tools saving you money on compound and making your job easier
  • Tapers love how easy to sand 4T Multi Purpose Compound is
  • High quality compound, backed by warranty means you can trust that you will have quality results every time
  • 4T Multi Purpose Compound is used for everything from embedding tape, to finishing corner bead and fasteners, to topping and texturing
  • This light-weight joint compound feathers superbly and delivers a virtually pock free smooth as glass finish
  • The Equivalent to Freemans Light 

Caution - Dust from dry sanding may cause eye, nose, throat, or upper respira­tory irritation. Continued and pro­ longed exposure to high concentra­tions of airborne dust may cause lung disease. To avoid creating dust, wet sand or sponge finish the joints. If dry sanding is performed, ventilate work area and use a NIOSH approved mask. Eye protec­tion is also recommended.

64x Wondertex PREM FILLER: Plasterboard Joint Filler - 12.5kg

  • Wondertex PREM FILLER is a plaster based fast setting compound for bedding and filling of tapes, beading and corner tapes.
  • The Equivalent to BG's GYPROC JOINT FILLER 12.5KG
  • Just mix with water for easy application
  • Super fine for a smooth finish
  • Fast setting for early sanding
  • Effortless sanding
  • Minimal shrinkage for no cracking
  • 60-90 minutes working time
  • Size: 12.5kg
  • Use by Hand
  • Coverage: 100 linear metres
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