Gorilla Tub Large 75 Litre - Black

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  • Great for mixing small batches of plaster and mortar; if the mix dries, a few kicks to the flexible body will remove the muck easily
  • They can be carried with both handles in one hand, shaped for pouring, pressed flat to the floor for scooping, pushed flat against a wall for scraping wallpaper into, catching leaks and so on
  • Gorilla Tubs are extremely durable and long lasting
  • The handles have been EU tested and have a working weight of 100 kilos (220 lb), so really heavy loads can be carried between two people
  • Gorilla Tubs can be used as tool bags, water tubs, rubble removers, roofing, scaffold knuckles, collecting bits, broken glass carrier etc


  • Infinitely Versatile
  • Super Flexible
  • Frost proof
  • UV Sunlight Proof
  • Handles CE Tested
  • Reinforced in key areas for durability
  • Ribbed profile for strength

The GORTUB42BLK Gorilla Tub Large Size 38 Litre (9 gal) has the following specification:

Height: 37cm
Diameter: 57cm
Colour: Black

Technical Specs

UV Sunlight Proof
Handles CE Tested
Height: 37cm
Diameter: 57cm
Size: Large 75 Litre (16 gal)

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