Full Circle Radius 360 & Sanding Paper Bundle

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Radius 360

  • The Radius 360° features a full 9” diameter, die-cast aluminum head that makes fast work of large surface areas
  • The round design virtually eliminates flipping and the associated surface scratching and gouging
  • The ability to change directions quickly without having to lift the pad off the wall is a huge advantage over the conventional method of sanding drywall
  • The detachable foam disc forms to the wall, providing a smooth, even finish
  • Unlike the conventional sand pole, this foam disc wears evenly, greatly increasing the life of the tool 
  • Both the foam pad and the sandpaper utilize hook-and-loop backing, making for easy replacement
  • Loop backed sandpaper firmly attaches to the foam disc, preventing debris from collecting behind the sandpaper, and eliminating a major cause of streaking
  • Sanding with the Radius 360° is up to three times faster than using a conventional sand pole, with consistently superior result

Features of the Radius 360°

  • No flipping, skipping, or scratching. Movement is flawless with round shape
  • 90% larger than standard rectangle pole sander, making it the largest surface area sander on the market
  • Oval adapter makes quick and easy change from pole sanding to hand sanding with the Pro Handle Adapter
  • Round pliable .50" hook & loop pad forms perfectly to the contours of curved surfaces such as barrel vaults, arches, domes and uneven walls
  • Up to 3 times faster than a conventional sand pole, with better results


100, 150 & 180 Grit Sanding Paper - x5 Per Pack

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