DeWalt Corner Finisher

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A corner finisher (also referred to as an “angle head”) is used after the corner roller to glaze excess joint compound on a freshly taped inside corner. Once the glaze coat has dried, a corner finisher is also used in conjunction with a corner applicator box, DEWALT MudShot™ or other compound tube to apply a finish coat.

The DEWALT corner finisher has a CNC-machined, billet aluminum body designed to efficiently coat both sides of an inside corner in a single pass. The body has been hard-coat anodized for long-term durability and easy cleanup.

The DEWALT corner finisher also features a precision machined, robotically-welded stainless steel frame for outstanding strength and durability, removable brass/rubber wheels for ultra smooth travel on the wall, as well as carbide blades and skids that last longer than other blade types.

A quick release clip allows the DEWALT corner finisher to be quickly attached/removed from a corner finisher handle, MudShot, corner applicator box or compound tube, while also securely locking it in place during use.

The DEWALT corner finisher is available in four sizes: 2.5”, 3”, 3.5”, and 4”. 

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