The Benefits of a Drywall Trolley

Struggling to move around all those big, bulky and cumbersome drywall boards around site? Is your back aching after a gruelling session moving materials from one end of the site to another? Job progress slow?

Well, we know how you feel! That’s why, at Gypsumtools, we thought we’d run you through the benefits of a drywall trolley as it’s another great way to make your dry lining life that little bit easier.

Pros of a Drywall Trolley

You may think all the benefits of a drywall trolley are obvious! Well the main advantages certainly are. However, there is some unexpected added extras which you’ll be pleasantly surprised with.

For example, if you spend hours shifting bulky loads across the site it’s obviously wasting valuable time and energy which could be spent on much more important parts of the job. So, your finish may be that bit more polished as you’ve not had to cart a heavy load across site.

What’s more, something you may or may not consider is the added benefits health and safety wise. There’s lots less headaches caused when a drywall trolley does all the heavy lifting. It may also save a lot of aches and pains you may not have put down to your on-site lifting.

Put simply, it makes your dry lining life easier, something we care about at Gypsumtools.

Some of the Advantages

• Quick Transportation of Materials
• Easy Loading and Unloading
• Saves energy
• Spend more time on installation
• Versatility

Our Kraft Drywall Trolley


Convinced you need a drywall trolley yet? Well if you needed any more persuading, we’ve got a great Kraft drywall trolley currently on offer at a bargain price of £249.00! With 2 locking and 2 straight casters you’ll be nipping about the site with ease meaning jobs can be finished quicker, easier and to a higher standard. So why not take advantage of this bargain price while stocks last? It’s a great price we’re confident you’ll struggle to beat. We’re 100% sure your employees, your back and your wallet will thank you.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of our Kraft Drywall Trolley

• 44″x12″ sloped bed holds materials and 22″ width fits through doorways
• 2 locking and 2 straight casters creates ease of movement
• Weight: 40kg
• Length: 121.92cm
• Width: 55.88cm
• Height: 121.92cm

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