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Level 5 Automatic Taper 4-760

Level 5 Automatic Taper 4-760

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The Level 5 Tools Automatic Taper 4-760 will help your increase efficiency and quality of every drywall finishing job by quickly applying your first bed of mud and tape in one pass


  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee


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Level 5 have made some extreme improvements on their taping tools, especially their Automatic Taper. These improvements include materials used in the manufacturing process, removable grip ring and more.

Key Features:

Superior durability provided by the corrosion resistant aircraft-grade aluminium that prolongs the plunger life and reduces the seal leakage.

Urethane cup seals last 50% longer than rubber seals used in other products

The cast aluminium head is precision machined from a high grade material that will not corrode

Stainless steel side and internal plates increase durability and resist long term corrosion

Here are some reviews that our customers have made about the Level 5 Automatic Taper.

“I tried Level5 when my other Taper was in repair, and I can’t believe the difference in the feel of these tools. It’s the smoothest application I’ve ever felt. Given the low price of everything too, other brands have got some catching up to do.” Nigel Preston

“I hope you don’t mind me saying, but I was sceptical as I’d heard some negative comments about Level 5 in the past. How wrong I turned out to be. There’s no overspill on any of the flat boxes and everything just glides across the walls with ease.” Simon Reeves

7 Reasons why you should choose Level 5

1. Built for ProfessionalsThis auto taper is built with professionals mind. Designed to stand up to whatever challenges you face, the lightweight body, smooth action and extremely tough structure means that you’re spending more of your time working and earning, and less time worrying about maintenance and repairs.

2. Increased Lifespan Of Key PartsBack plates and stainless steel internal parts have been precision engineered to maximise robustness and significantly increase the life expectancy of parts which tapers have become accustomed to changing on a regular basis.

3. Work For Longer With Less EffortThe whole taper is over 30% lighter whilst being up to 197% stronger than previous models. This increased strength means that your assembly can be relied on, now matter how tight your completion date deadline might be.

4. Adjust Spring Tensioner In SecondsFor the first time the Level 5 spring tensioner can be adjusted in seconds, giving you the ultimate control over your application technique and efficiency.

5. Sharp, Smooth and AccurateWith the reinforced strength of the Molded Cutter Tube Guide, your cutting action feels quick and responsive, even making the blades feel sharper as they slice through the tape leaving you with a precise and accurate finish every time.

6. Strong and Long-lastingThe new stainless steel drum, replaces the weaker and problematic plastic drum of previous models, making this not only stronger and harder wearing, but also decrease tension when applying tape and compound.

7. Effortless ManoeuvringThe Adjusting Roller Brake gives a quick and responsive brake, lets you move quickly and effortlessly around the room as you switch between ceilings and walls.

Level 5 Money Saving Guarantee

If you, for whatever reason don’t feel that the new level 5 taping kit has made an improvement to your ability to save and earn money then you can send it back for a full refund. Our Money & Time Guarantee.

Service Packages

To avoid expensive repair costs, why not take out one of Gypsumtools service packages with your order.




Price - £100 + vat

 Price - £200 + vat

 Price - £300 + vat

Cover - Up to £150 + vat on repairs

Cover - Up to £300 + vat on repairs

Cover - Up to £500 + vat on repairs

Months - 12 Months Cover

Months - 12 Months Cover

Months - 12 Months Cover

Extra Bonuses When Taking Out This Service Package

Extra Bonuses When Taking Out This Service Package

Extra Bonuses When Taking Out This Service Package

50% off collection & delivery (usually £15 + vat)

Free tool collection & delivery (usually £15 + vat)

Free tool collection & delivery (usually £15 + vat)

Optional replacement while we fix yours.

£37.80 + vat for Automatic Taper, £20.40 + vat for any other item

Optional low cost replacement while we fix yours.

£25 + vat for Automatic Taper, £10 + vat for any other item

Free replacement tool while we fix yours

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU L5 4-760
Brand Level 5
Diameter N/A
Length N/A

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